Friday, November 1, 2013

Shop for The Chelsea Hicks Foundation!

Good morning! 

I had a slow but great run this morning with my running buddy.  I thought I would head over to Starbucks and get my first red cup of the season...but they gave me the only white cup they had, seriously?!  No joke they had a ton of red cups and when they handed me my drink it was a white cup.  Fail.  

I hope everyone had as great of a Halloween as we did!  

We visited quite a few houses and then the girls handed out a ton of candy to all of the trick or treaters.  Katherine didn't want the night to end, she woke up asking if today was Halloween too.  

We had their preschool party on Wednesday and it was a blast!  Their teachers go all out for the different holidays and Halloween was no exception.  

I'll be heading to Target this weekend to pick up some clearance costumes, will you?!  Keep reading to find out why you should :)   

A little background on the Chelsea Hicks Foundation: 
Chelsea’s Closet is a rolling dress-up closet that provides monthly dress-up parties for seriously ill children in children’s hospitals. Our goal is to bring a smile to their faces and joy to their hearts and have them forget – if just for a few moments – the struggles they are facing. The children have an opportunity to select a complete NEW* costume of their choice with accessories.  CHF hosts a party/fun event and a parade around the ward to show off the costumes.  For many of the kids this will be their one time out of their rooms for the day. Children unable to leave their rooms also have an opportunity to select a new costume, a craft project and a goody bag.

You can learn even more about the Chelsea Hicks Foundation by going HERE.  

Stella & Dot has some beautiful accessories that makes for great gifts for the ladies in your life or for yourself!  These are a few of my favorite pieces.  

100% of the proceeds from this trunk show are going to the Chelsea Hicks Foundation.  You know what makes it even sweeter?  This is a mystery hostesses event which means once you make a purchase you are automatically entered to win the hostess rewards!  Plus if you are local and able to attend the show next Saturday, November 9th and bring a NEW costume to donate you'll be entered a SECOND time!  You can start shopping to support Chelsea's Closet anytime by following this link HERE.  

Thank you for your support of the Chelsea Hicks Foundation! 

Enjoy The Run! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Uberthons' 2013 Halloweenathon Review

Good Morning! 

Saturday was the Halloweenathon and it felt so good to get out for a race.  

Katie and I ran the 10K which was 2 loops around The Reserve Golf Course, beautiful!  We started off  a little strong and decided to slow it down around mile 2.  Katie is just coming off of surgery and no running for the last month so we didn't want to burn out too fast.  This run was just for fun and celebrate Halloween!  

The girls ran the Casper Dash which was so much fun for the little kids.

Katherine decided seconds before the gun went off that she wanted to race too.  She had said the whole day before and morning of that she wasn't going to run.  Then she heard they were passing out candy at the finish and she was sold!  

All of the kids got a little goody bag of candy and a ribbon.  I am so proud of both of them for getting out there and running hard by themselves.  

I love the races put on by Uberthons, they are such an encouraging race organization.  This isn't a great picture but they were giving these necklaces to all of the first time 5K racers that day.  I love that they were celebrating all of the first time racers!    

It was actually a really sturdy and beautiful charm I was surprised how much I liked it.  I was wishing it was my first 5K again!  

They also handed out these medals to all of the 5K, 10K and 15K finishers, they even glow in the dark.  

I would definitely do the Halloweenathon again, it was a great event.  Like always everything was really organized from parking to packet pick up.  They even had a nacho bar at the end!  It felt so good to be out running with Katie again and even better watching my girls run their race.  I love that Uberthons has a kids race and it doesn't cost anything extra, thank you for that!  It is so important we encourage our kids to be healthy by keeping active and having fun doing it.  

I love that there was different races all throughout the day and there was a time that would work for everyone.  There was a covered area with a lot of tables and chairs with heaters to keep warm while we waited which was nice, it was a little colder than I had expected.  

The next event put on by Uberthons is the Turkeython that is held on Thanksgiving morning at Washington Square.  Check it out!   

Enjoy The Run!   

  **Thank you so much Uberthons for the race entry for Katie and me, we had such a great time!  Looking forward to your next event!  Of course my opinion is my own, I can't speak for Katie but she looked like she was having fun!  Plus Uberthons does a great job so it isn't hard to have a great time at their events.** 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Uberthons Halloweenathon Preview


October has completely gotten away from me, I can't believe next week we'll be trick-or-treating.  This Saturday is Uberthons' Halloweenathon and I am so excited!  Katie and I are running the 10k in the afternoon and the girls are signed up for the Casper Dash.  I love that Uberthons always has a race for the little racers for no registration fee.  

   Packet pick up is available on Thursday October 24th from 4-8pm at the Sports Authority on Cedar Hills Blvd.  The event is taking place at the Reserve Golf Course in Aloha and follows a paved course.  Uberthons has reserved the entire golf course so it'll be a runners heaven, can't wait!  Dogs are not allowed but strollers are welcome, just stay towards the back.  There will not be a bag check but parking is very close.  There will not be any day off registration and I believe they have started a waiting list for all of the races.  This race is popular!  

I am jonesing for a race so I am pretty excited for Saturday.  Plus I love that the girls can come and I'll be able to cheer them on before my race, the Casper Dash is at 1:15 and I race at 2:00.  I say "race" loosely since it'll be more of a fun run with Katie.  Both of us have been out of the race game for a bit so we are just looking forward to a run together.  Which race are you signed up for on Saturday?   

Running Report

I miss talking about my running now that I am actually back to a routine.  I found a running partner and we've been meeting up to run 3 mornings a week.  Starting my day off with a run is my best medicine and I feel completely rejuvenated since starting up again.  Plus the miles just tick by so fast when you have a buddy to run with you.  On average we are running 4 miles in the morning but are working on adding more as we find our groove.  It has been different not focusing on distance and mostly on speed work for my 5k but I do like the change for now.  After Thanksgiving I'll be back to longer distances and training for my 2 hour half marathon in 2014.  Focusing on speed has been a nice change of pace but I do miss my long runs.  It is important to mix it up so that you can try and avoid burnt out.  I ran quite a few half marathons this year and still have one more on the calendar for December so taking this break has been great on me mentally.

See you at the Halloweenathon!

Enjoy The Run!     

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Perks Of A Morning Run


Yes I know that was in all caps because I am yelling at you, it is a great morning!  I made a running friend who wants to run with me in the morning when it is dark, YAY!  We had our first run this morning and it was glorious, I am not even kidding you I'll be walking on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.  

My Starbucks secret: Tall Cafe Misto 1 pump Pumpkin Spice, half the price of a pumpkin spice latte 

Another perk to running when the rest of the world is sleeping?  No line at Starbucks and I'm home before the sun is up!  

Why run in the morning? 

- Far less distractions or excuses
- The roads are quiet and the air is fresh, early morning runs are more peaceful 
- You have the rest of the day for work, kids, errands, whatever you need to do 
- You've started your day on the right foot both mentally and physically 
- You have a jump on the day because you already logged a few miles before your neighbor had their 1st cup of coffee  

I hope you all have a great day too and if you don't already do a morning run, trust me you'll love it! 

Remember to get registered for Uberthon's Halloweenathon and share with me which race you plan on doing!

Enjoy The Run!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Loving All Things Fall

Good Morning! 

Still working my way back up to 4 runs a week.  I got 3 in last week and they were decent so going to try for 4 this week.  I was also able to find a group that runs early in the morning once a week and I may have found another partner for an early morning run, score!  That would be at least 2 mornings a week I could get out there which would be amazing.  I am also going to work on getting my treadmill working again, the belt is off and just needs to be tightened back onto the roller.  Once my treadmill is fixed I could get another run in during the week when the girls didn't have school.  This no morning day light is really annoying, I don't remember this being such an issue before but maybe I just wasn't running as much?  I do know that starting my day with a run is key, is this the same for anyone else?  

Wednesday I ran 3 miles and felt like I was really pushing it but ended up around a 10 minute mile.  

Friday I ran 5 miles while the girls were in preschool and it was an absolutely beautiful fall day.  

Yesterday (Sunday) I left the house around 10 to get in some miles.  I didn't have a plan when I left and ended up doing 8 miles at a 9:44 pace.  I felt like I was running through peanut butter most of the run and I never found my groove.  It seems to be taking a little longer than I thought to feel like I am running healthy but I hope to get there soon.  Honestly I know a lot of it is my diet and being completely out of my routine. 

This past Saturday was my Stella & Dot Launch Trunk Show!  I wish all of this product was mine but my sponsor really helped me with my display.  It was a great experience and I feel ready to fly solo on my next show.  

Do you have any fall races coming up?  I am participating in Uberthon's Halloweenathon and also Sherwood's Give n' Gobble on Thanksgiving.  

If you haven't registered already remember to get signed up for the Uberthon's Halloweenathon.  

Saturday October 26th
Different races and times to choose from all day 
Plus a Casper Dash for the kids!

I'll be doing the 15K and it'll be my first time racing that distance, so excited!  

Also this upcoming weekend, October 13th, at Western Oregon University in Monmouth.  There is a 5K & 10K race put on by the WOU Criminial Justice Department.  Check it out and get more information HERE.

Enjoy The Run!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Barre Prana in Sherwood

Good Morning! 

I'm grouchy today and I know exactly why, this no morning run thing has to change.  I really thought that running while the girls were in preschool would be no big deal but mentally it is hard.  I like running in the morning for a multitude of reasons but the main one being that I get it done and I can get on with my day.  Running in the middle of the day when there are a thousand distractions and excuses just takes all of the joy out of my running.  I've been in a yucky mood because of it for a while and I don't have the energy I normally have when I am getting in my morning runs.  In a nutshell I am grump and everyone around me wants me to start running in the morning again, pronto.  I need a local running partner for a least a couple times a week and I am hoping to find one SOON!

In happy running news I had a great 8 mile run on Friday. 

It was pretty windy and rainy but I felt good and really enjoyed the run.  It was my longest run since my half marathon over Labor Day weekend.  I am slowly working my way back up to my mileage and I know getting back to morning runs will be key.  

I've also started with my cross training again which will help me with my speed work.  A strong core and legs will be key to getting me to my goal 5K pace.  I am going to buy a punch card to Barre Prana in Sherwood.  I took a free barre class on Sunday afternoon and it was awesome.  

If you are from around the Sherwood area I would recommend this studio for your cross training.  The owner is the cutest little thing with such a welcoming demeanor.  The instructor was a lot of fun and really good at making sure everyone knew what to do and was in proper form.  I am really excited to have some barre class options that I can actually attend!  It is definitely time for me to start making some time for me to get healthy again.  I can tell the difference in my body and my mind and by all of the acne all over my face that I have slid too far down the mountain.  

Enjoy The Run! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

On Track To Be A 4-Timer

Good Morning!

I had a really great run yesterday while the girls were in preschool and it was the boost I needed.  I also was hollered at by the same high school boys...thinking I need to find a different route.  It was cute the first time if you know what I mean.

I am still working towards my pace pre-set back but yesterday's run was definitely closer to where I was!  Next week I am going to start my Train Like A Mother 5K Own It Plan and I am really excited to have a plan for the next couple months and watch my 5K pace improve.  I don't normally like training plans but I saw some really great improvements while in Michigan following the Half Marathon Own It Plan so I am going to follow one again for the Give n' Gobble 5K.  

I highly recommend this local race if you are looking for a Thanksgiving Day run.  This race benefits the Helping Hands Food Bank and participants who donate a bag of non-perishable foods will receive a free race t-shirt!  
{Katie & I at the 2011 Give n' Gobble}

Today is a run rest day and I am thinking tomorrow I'll shoot to do 6-9 miles depending on how much time I have.  Tomorrow is Sherwood's Homecoming parade and football game, Go Bowmen!  I love everything about this time of year, Sherwood just does fall right.  

Also in local Sherwood news there is a new Yoga and Barre studio opening in Sherwood and I am so EXCITED!  I love Barre almost as much as I love running.  The new studio is Barre Prana located off of Highway 99 in Sherwood.  This weekend they are having a grand opening and offering FREE yoga and barre classes to everyone who registers ahead of time.  Go HERE to check them out, I am all signed up for Sunday's Barre class.  I am pretty excited to have another studio in Sherwood offering Barre classes, hopefully their scheduling will work out for me to be able to go regularly.  I hope you all have a great day! 

Enjoy The Run!  


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