Thursday, September 26, 2013

On Track To Be A 4-Timer

Good Morning!

I had a really great run yesterday while the girls were in preschool and it was the boost I needed.  I also was hollered at by the same high school boys...thinking I need to find a different route.  It was cute the first time if you know what I mean.

I am still working towards my pace pre-set back but yesterday's run was definitely closer to where I was!  Next week I am going to start my Train Like A Mother 5K Own It Plan and I am really excited to have a plan for the next couple months and watch my 5K pace improve.  I don't normally like training plans but I saw some really great improvements while in Michigan following the Half Marathon Own It Plan so I am going to follow one again for the Give n' Gobble 5K.  

I highly recommend this local race if you are looking for a Thanksgiving Day run.  This race benefits the Helping Hands Food Bank and participants who donate a bag of non-perishable foods will receive a free race t-shirt!  
{Katie & I at the 2011 Give n' Gobble}

Today is a run rest day and I am thinking tomorrow I'll shoot to do 6-9 miles depending on how much time I have.  Tomorrow is Sherwood's Homecoming parade and football game, Go Bowmen!  I love everything about this time of year, Sherwood just does fall right.  

Also in local Sherwood news there is a new Yoga and Barre studio opening in Sherwood and I am so EXCITED!  I love Barre almost as much as I love running.  The new studio is Barre Prana located off of Highway 99 in Sherwood.  This weekend they are having a grand opening and offering FREE yoga and barre classes to everyone who registers ahead of time.  Go HERE to check them out, I am all signed up for Sunday's Barre class.  I am pretty excited to have another studio in Sherwood offering Barre classes, hopefully their scheduling will work out for me to be able to go regularly.  I hope you all have a great day! 

Enjoy The Run!  


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