Pregnancy & Twins

Say hello to the 2 most important people in my life, Sarah & Katherine

These two little girls are such a joy in my life, while at the same time send me running for the hills sometimes!  Literally.  

The joke around the house when I am heading out for a run on the weekends and they are actually awake is that Mama is running away!  Seriously, my kids say this...we are not a normal family.  

Sorry Sarah, you just can't hold me back!

While I do run away from time to time, I always come back because believe it or not I miss the little pumpkins.  

When Jess and I got married we knew we would have a family and we knew we wouldn't wait a terribly long time, what did we not know?  That we would get pregnant with twins.

Yes...this is what pregnant with twins looks like, it isn't pretty, unless your Angelina Jolie and she can...nevermind.

This picture was December 8th and I didn't have the girls until January 19th, I still had over a month of pregnancy left at this point and the pounds just kept coming, I am sure the daily milkshakes didn't help with that.  When I finally kicked them out of my uterus at 38 weeks I weighed in at...215 lbs.  Look at my face in this picture, my cheeks are screaming out for help and poor Jess looks like he is hiding behind me but I just think that he can't get around me to get in the picture.  I am sorry, but that is true love, no joke this picture was our Christmas Card photo for 08', this went out to people he grew up with and graduated high school with...true love dude, for reals.  

The girls are almost 3.5 year old and while it hasn't taken me the full 3 years to lose the baby weight, it took me a little over a year to get to where I started when I first got pregnant, but that wasn't a fantastically happy weight either.  When the girls were around 3 months old I signed up for Baby Boot Camp which was more of a stroller type exercise group than anything remotely close to what you would think of for a Boot Camp class.  BUT it got the ball rolling and I was able to kick start the weight loss with that program and I've been working towards it now for quite some time.  

4 months, Girls first trip to the beach...I have no idea who the lord of the dance is in the background.

When Katie picked up running as a way to lose the last few pounds she was holding onto since she started her weight loss journey I thought I would also give it a shot!  That was back in November and if I am being honest with you and myself on here I would say that it was actually the end of February 2012, that I actually started to take running to a new level.  

I really could go on and on about pregnancy with twins, delivery, surviving the first year, etc.  If anyone ever has any questions about anything relating to twins and pregnancy or anything up to age 4 years old I am your girl!  


  1. My girls are just a little bit older than yours! They were born 12/3/08.

    1. They are pretty close! Are your's identical? Mine are fraternal, even though they told me they would be identical.


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