Monday, October 7, 2013

Loving All Things Fall

Good Morning! 

Still working my way back up to 4 runs a week.  I got 3 in last week and they were decent so going to try for 4 this week.  I was also able to find a group that runs early in the morning once a week and I may have found another partner for an early morning run, score!  That would be at least 2 mornings a week I could get out there which would be amazing.  I am also going to work on getting my treadmill working again, the belt is off and just needs to be tightened back onto the roller.  Once my treadmill is fixed I could get another run in during the week when the girls didn't have school.  This no morning day light is really annoying, I don't remember this being such an issue before but maybe I just wasn't running as much?  I do know that starting my day with a run is key, is this the same for anyone else?  

Wednesday I ran 3 miles and felt like I was really pushing it but ended up around a 10 minute mile.  

Friday I ran 5 miles while the girls were in preschool and it was an absolutely beautiful fall day.  

Yesterday (Sunday) I left the house around 10 to get in some miles.  I didn't have a plan when I left and ended up doing 8 miles at a 9:44 pace.  I felt like I was running through peanut butter most of the run and I never found my groove.  It seems to be taking a little longer than I thought to feel like I am running healthy but I hope to get there soon.  Honestly I know a lot of it is my diet and being completely out of my routine. 

This past Saturday was my Stella & Dot Launch Trunk Show!  I wish all of this product was mine but my sponsor really helped me with my display.  It was a great experience and I feel ready to fly solo on my next show.  

Do you have any fall races coming up?  I am participating in Uberthon's Halloweenathon and also Sherwood's Give n' Gobble on Thanksgiving.  

If you haven't registered already remember to get signed up for the Uberthon's Halloweenathon.  

Saturday October 26th
Different races and times to choose from all day 
Plus a Casper Dash for the kids!

I'll be doing the 15K and it'll be my first time racing that distance, so excited!  

Also this upcoming weekend, October 13th, at Western Oregon University in Monmouth.  There is a 5K & 10K race put on by the WOU Criminial Justice Department.  Check it out and get more information HERE.

Enjoy The Run!


  1. I've been wanting to sign up for the Halloweenathon! I would love to run in the mornings with you! Fridays and Mondays would work best for me... we could start at 5:30 and be done by 6:30!?!?

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