Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Uberthons Halloweenathon Preview


October has completely gotten away from me, I can't believe next week we'll be trick-or-treating.  This Saturday is Uberthons' Halloweenathon and I am so excited!  Katie and I are running the 10k in the afternoon and the girls are signed up for the Casper Dash.  I love that Uberthons always has a race for the little racers for no registration fee.  

   Packet pick up is available on Thursday October 24th from 4-8pm at the Sports Authority on Cedar Hills Blvd.  The event is taking place at the Reserve Golf Course in Aloha and follows a paved course.  Uberthons has reserved the entire golf course so it'll be a runners heaven, can't wait!  Dogs are not allowed but strollers are welcome, just stay towards the back.  There will not be a bag check but parking is very close.  There will not be any day off registration and I believe they have started a waiting list for all of the races.  This race is popular!  

I am jonesing for a race so I am pretty excited for Saturday.  Plus I love that the girls can come and I'll be able to cheer them on before my race, the Casper Dash is at 1:15 and I race at 2:00.  I say "race" loosely since it'll be more of a fun run with Katie.  Both of us have been out of the race game for a bit so we are just looking forward to a run together.  Which race are you signed up for on Saturday?   

Running Report

I miss talking about my running now that I am actually back to a routine.  I found a running partner and we've been meeting up to run 3 mornings a week.  Starting my day off with a run is my best medicine and I feel completely rejuvenated since starting up again.  Plus the miles just tick by so fast when you have a buddy to run with you.  On average we are running 4 miles in the morning but are working on adding more as we find our groove.  It has been different not focusing on distance and mostly on speed work for my 5k but I do like the change for now.  After Thanksgiving I'll be back to longer distances and training for my 2 hour half marathon in 2014.  Focusing on speed has been a nice change of pace but I do miss my long runs.  It is important to mix it up so that you can try and avoid burnt out.  I ran quite a few half marathons this year and still have one more on the calendar for December so taking this break has been great on me mentally.

See you at the Halloweenathon!

Enjoy The Run!     

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