My Running Story

I am so glad you are here and I hope that by being here you are either a runner already or getting ready to get yourself out there.  Trust me, I get how intimidating it can be!  My best friend started running over a year ago and was getting so much out of it that I figured I could give it a shot too.  In the town I live there is an event every Thanksgiving called the Give N'Gobble that benefits local food banks.


Knowing that she had been running already I thought it would be fun if she would do the 5K race with me.  I've been walking the 5K for years but this time I really wanted to run it with her so we signed up!  Long story short I didn't train enough and she beat me good, but she also waited for me before she crossed the finish line.  She stood there looking for me and when we saw each other she said she wasn't going to cross it without me.  We ran across that finish together and it was an amazing feeling and from that moment on I had the bug.  She was and still is worlds ahead of me in terms of pace and mileage but I am always working towards catching up with her and hopefully one day I will!  She is why I started to run, I continue to run because I have actually fallen in love with it.  I look forward to each and every run and feel disappointed on days that I didn't get out there. I really love having a common goal with my best friend and spending time together doing something that is so good for us.  Also, being a mom, I love the time alone while I am out running.  Having the time to breath the fresh air and listen to my music is so exhilarating.  Its important to me that my girls have a mom they can look up to and show them that they really can do anything they put their minds too, even things they thought they could never do.

You can come up with a bunch of excuses, or you can just get out there, either way its up to YOU!

That is Katie and I on my 1st race day.  We had so much fun and I am always looking for another race for us to start together, because we both know she'll finish it long before I do!  Running has brought a lot of good things into my life that I never expected.  Since that first race I have completed a half and a full marathon!  I thought that first marathon may be my last but Katie and I already have our eyes set on a few for 2013!  

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