Friday, March 1, 2013

Race Time!


Even though February is a short month I am still surprised how quickly it passed by this time around.  I started my half marathon training 3 weeks ago and aside from missing some cross training this week I have stayed on track.  I am learning to really enjoy the speed work sessions on the treadmill and am surprised at how quickly they make the miles pass.  I set a goal of hitting 10 miles on the treadmill by the time we were back home and I hit that goal last weekend.  It wasn't nearly as awful as I had in my head, it actually went by rather quickly and I was able to catch up on a documentary I really wanted to watch.  I talked about it in this post, it is called Hungry for Change and I really recommend it, I found it on Netflix in their instant section.  I also realized this week that it was almost March and I needed to get registered for some races before all the prices go up.

I signed up for a 10k in Plymouth on Sunday March 17th.  I am excited to do this race, it'll be my first time heading to a race solo.  I always have Katie with me, so this will be a good experience for me!  


Jess, as a Christmas gift, registered me for the Portland Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon.  It'll be my first big race of 2013 and I am following Another Mother Runner Training Plan.  I wasn't sure if I would share or not but I decided to just put it out there, I am going for a PR in this race.  My goal is to hit 2:15 or less and I am really liking the AMR Training Plan, I recommend it for mom and non-mom runners.   

Katie created a team with the Electric Run so I am running the 5k in July in Portland.  This race will be an easy fun run in the evening which will be different!  

In honor of the reason Katie and I started to run, Maverick, we are signed up for the OHS Doggie Dash in May.  We did this dash last year and it helps to raise funds for the Oregon Humane Society.  I haven't decided if I'll bring my Lucy but it was a lot of fun last year, 2 words: Complimentary Mimosas.  

Oregon Humane Society - Doggie Dash 2013

Last but definitely NOT the least I swallowed a huge "I told you so" pill and registered for Marathon #2!  The Sunriver Marathon For A Cause takes place over Labor Day weekend  and I am pumped to have another marathon under my belt.  

I also have some half marathons and possibly marathon #3 on my list that I am going to be registering for soon.  Once I complete those shorter races in the first part of this year I want to concentrate on longer distances.  I really enjoy long runs and going the distance over shorter, run as fast you can gonna puke at the finish.  Is that totally weird?!

What is your favorite distance to race?  

Do you have a race for 2013 that you are totally stoked about?  

Tell me about your favorite PR if you have one!  



  1. I have only done 5K's so far, and my PR is 23:36, and I got that running on an icy path and through snow, so I am pumped to see what I can do this summer at that distance with good weather and track conditions.

    I am most excited for the Fargo Half Marathon on May 18. After that race I am going to get in as many races as I can this summer. They will be an assortment of 5Ks, 10Ks and halfs, with the goal of entering the Fargo Marathon in 2014.

    Good luck with all your races coming up. I am looking forward to reading about them!!

    1. That is an awesome 5k time, wow! You'll blow it away this spring/summer for sure! I did a bunch of 5k and 10k races last year and had a lot of fun with them.

  2. I've done a handful of 5Ks, a couple 10Ks, a 10 miler, and 2 halfs since I started running in 2010. I finally signed up for my first full this year and will run that in May (my hubby signed up too and he is SO not a runner but is an AMAZING athlete so I am excited to do it with him!) Fav distance to race though is probably a 10K or the 10 miler. The 5K is just plain out HARD the whole time and the half was hard AND long =)

    1. I am excited for your first full! I was so nervous before the Portland Marathon, but I have to tell you don't be nervous, it is going to be a lot of fun. Love that your husband is doing it with you, love!


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