Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Really Can Run On A Treadmill

Good morning!  

This morning I did 3 miles of hill repeats on the treadmill and pushed it to 10% incline for my final minute.  That made for a long minute!  Last night I went to the gym and I did a tempo run and was finally able to push my pace below the 10 min mark.  Finally seeing a 9 in front of my pace was so gratifying, I am so ready to push myself harder.  

I can count on one hand how many times I've been able to run outside in 2013, so the treadmill has become a good friend of mine this winter.  When I first started out with the treadmill I could barely push through 2 miles and now I've done 10, just like when I started running it takes time to build up.  Tomorrow I am scheduled to run 12 miles so I am already on the lookout for a good documentary to pass the time.  When I did my tempo run last night I listened to music for the first time in forever and it really pumped me up.  I usually save my music for a race, but yesterday I needed some Bruno Mars in my life.  I thought I would share some of my tips I've learned to pass the time on the treadmill.  

My Top 5 Treadmill Tips 
1. Grab the treadmill at the gym that is facing a window, it is nice to watch what is happening outside      
2. Mix it up, every minute increase your pace and hold it for a minute then slow down for a minute.  It will build your stamina and surprisingly make the time go faster
3. Some people can read on the treadmill but I can't so I've downloaded a few audio books and I love being able to catch up on a book while I am running 
4. Podcasts are awesome to listen to while you are running and can really pass the time.  My favorite podcasts are Runner Academy and Marathon Training Academy.  
5.  If you have a phone, laptop or tablet with the ability to watch TV or movies you can catch up on some of your favorite shows or movies 

My TM in Montana, this sucker would shock me every time I went to change my pace

When I first started to do my runs on the treadmill I really thought my training and mileage was going to suffer.  I honestly did not think I was going to be able to get to a place where I could actually increase my pace and get enough miles to be prepared for the Rock and Roll Half in Portland.  It was my 2nd week in Michigan when I realized that I had 2 choices a) Be miserable and not push myself, make a bunch of excuses b) Give it my all and really conquer my treadmill phobias.  I went with option B and haven't looked back, I can actually say I enjoy running a treadmill now.  There are a lot of benefits to running a treadmill that I never noticed before.  

Top 5 Benefits to Running On a Treadmill 
1. There is always a bathroom for an unexpected potty break
2. I don't have to wear my water and nutrition for my long runs
3. Even in the dead of winter I can wear my cute summer running outfits 
4. Safety, I love knowing I can run at anytime and not worry about a car not seeing me or worse 
5. I can watch my chick flicks and food documentaries without moans and groans from Jess 

We'll be back in Oregon sometime in April and I'll be back to doing the majority of my runs outside.  Of course I can't wait to get back to my running group and of course my BRFF (Best Running Friend Forever).  I'll keep using my treadmill for my speed-work because I know I've been able to push it because of the treadmill holding my pace.  I've been able to learn what a 10 minute pace feels like and have realized that yes I can hold that for a extended period of time.  I no longer fear the treadmill but embrace her as an integral part of my running.  If you are weary of running on a treadmill or feel like there is no way you could much on a treadmill I suggest letting go of your preconceived notions and give it a shot!  That is what I had to do and I am really glad I had the chance to learn to love the treadmill.  

If you are here visiting from SkinnyRunner I am so glad you took the time to check out my baby blog!  You can follow me all sorts of ways!  
{are you sensing a theme?!}

Seriously, thank you, having you here is wonderful!  

Do you run on a treadmill regularly?    

Would you rather not run at all then have to do it on a treadmill?

What is your favorite thing about running?
- I love the feeling of pushing my body passed its comfort zone and knowing I am increasing my stamina with each run.  Plus I love the feeling of a great run, I do not know many things that match that feeling.   


  1. I DO run on a TM regularly, and it doesn't bother me, however, the longest run I've done on a TM is 7 miles. So I don't have the experience of 10+ miles like some runners!

    I just purchased a Garmin which has given me an excuse to run outside (even though it's cold!).

    I listen to a comedy podcast while running called You Made it Weird. I am sure the other runners think I'm crazy as I'm laughing and running on the TM! Oh well, don't care! :)

    My favorite thing about running is how strong and able I feel while doing it. I feel like I'm not taking my health and mobility for granted, and using it to it's full potential.

    1. It amazes me how some people can run a full marathon on a treadmill, crazy! I love your reason for running, we should never take our health for granted.

  2. I'm a beginning (again) runner and I HATE running on the TM. I get so bored and overheated. I would much rather be outside where there are distractions. But living in Arizona and with summer and 100 degree temps coming, I will need to start jumping on the TM.

    Thanks for the tips.

    1. I always sympathize with you runners from Arizona! Running in the heat is a lot harder than putting on some layers and running through the cold. I have a fan I put right front of my TM at the gym, luckily I am the only one in there at the time so I don't have to share. At home I ditch the shirt and just run in my sports bra, but its in my garage and nobody can see ;)

    2. The problem that I am having is (Im from Arizona)... I can come in and easily cool off in the summer, but I run at night after the kids got to bed, and I come inside, go to bed, and even with fleece pants,a sweatshirt, and huge socks, Im freezing from the core and it takes hours to fix.... Winter is so tough :) Guess Im just a wuss... its not that cold...

  3. My treadmill is my go to every morning except on the weekends. With a toddler and newborn it is my source of sanity!!! Plus I can get in a run before the family wakes up and/or I have to be at work! I'm not a fan of running alone in the dark...too many scary movies!! I love the way I can push myself on it though! Visiting from Skinny Runner....LOVE your blog!!

    1. Yay! Thanks! :) I love my treadmill, I wasn't sure if I would use it when I first brought it home but it has been a great thing to have in my arsenal. Jess travels quite a bit for work and it is a life saver when he is out of town. I won't run in the dark alone, mainly because I fall in the light of day so I could only imagine the damage I could do in the darkness.

  4. I have a treadmill that shocks me whenever I touch the hand rails. Yikes!

    1. It hurts! I am sorry :( I wish I knew why they did that.

  5. Finally a topic I can participate in ;). I'm not a runner and am no treadmill expert but I like electricity and I'm guessing this problem is either static electricity or improper grounding of the treadmill. I would think Static electricity is more likely.

    If it's static electricity I've heard of people making a spray that reduces that by using liquid fabric softener and mixing it 1 cup of water for 2 tablespoons of fabric softener and then putting that in a spray bottle and spraying the belt of the treadmill. A less attractive solution for static electricity is one of those anti-static wrist bands but you would have to attach this to your skin and find a metal portion of the treadmill to clip it on to. Here is one on Amazon.

    If it's improper grounding that's more difficult to diagnose but you can start by making sure your treadmill has a 3rd prong on the plug in. This should be the big round prong below the other two prongs. Also some power strips will tell you if your outlet is properly grounded when plugged in with an indicator light. If that's the case you would have to have an electrician or someone look at the outlet.

    1. Everyone say HI to Jess, he's not a runner he leaves that to me, but he is an epic problem solver!

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