Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hungry for Change

Good morning!  

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, I ran 10 miles on the treadmill yesterday and did 2 miles at my race pace.  This morning I am going to a TRX class because my favorite Barre class filled up before I got to a chance to register.  I've seen a lot of people doing the TRX classes and it looks like something I could like!  As of now I know nothing about it, but I will definitively share what it is like on tomorrow's post! 

I am actually a little sore from yesterday's long run and that is a good feeling.  I haven't ran anything close to 10 miles in a while and it was nice to know I still had it in me.  Once I accomplished my 10 on the treadmill yesterday I realized I could really get use to this treadmill thing.  Dare I say I might actually really like running on a treadmill?!  I have been able to feel what the my different paces actually feel like and can control my speed work at lot better.  Its nice to not have a bunch of gear on and not have to wear my water, there are some perks to running on a treadmill for sure!  

Afterwards I made sure to stretch and foam roll.  I have a foam roller at home but I didn't bring it with me because as you know they are so bulky.  Luckily the gym I am using has a foam roller so I am forcing myself to use it.

While I was doing my run yesterday morning I watched a documentary called Hungry for Change on Netflix.  It completely re-lit my drive to be a vegetarian and do better at cutting out sugar.  There are so many health benefits to eating more fresh vegetables and fruit and I learned some news things I never knew before.  For example did you know that eating foods like chia seeds and parsley actually will help detoxify your system?  I've been putting chia seeds in my salads and making pudding for about a year for the protein but didn't realize they also helped detoxify.  They cling to toxins in your body and help you to flush them out as you are sweating, drinking more water, etc.  The movie also pointed out how much sugar the average person is consuming without even realizing it and really hit some hard points about diet soda.  For some reason the last 3 months I started to drink diet coke knowing it was a dumb idea.  Think about it, most diet sodas have 0 calories but are full of taste and ingredients, unless those ingredients are air how can there be 0 calories?  Because it is a chemical shit storm, excuse my language.  I honestly cannot believe I was allowing myself to put it in my body and I know it did some damage in just that short amount of time.  My scalp has completely dried out and therefore my hair is a hot mess.  With every diet coke I was drinking that was less water I was putting in my body.  Needless to say I am done with diet soda.

Do you watch any documentaries?  
They are some of my favorite movies to watch, running and food documentaries are at the top of my list!  

Is there a food that you know is bad for you but you eat it regardless?  
Sometimes I wonder if I drink to much coffee and if that could be bad for my health.

Did you have a good weekend?!  

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