Saturday, March 2, 2013

Friday vs. Saturday Long Runs

Happy Saturday!  

I love Saturdays, Saturdays and Thursdays are my favorite days of the week.  I had every intention of getting up Friday morning and getting in my 12 miles before we headed to the Children's Museum but life happened.  I  ended up heading to the gym around 6:00 and had an awesome run.  Just another perk to treadmill running, I can run any time of the day, childcare willing.  I did 12 miles and I actually had negative splits from miles 7-12.  My plan called for 12 miles with 4 at my race pace but at the end of those 4 miles I only had 2 more to go so I figured I would push it all the way to the finish.  I ran my final mile at a 9:10 and it felt amazing to push myself pass previous limits.  

Afterwards I came home, showered and immediately put on my PRO Compression knee highs, that is how I like to spend a Friday night!  I am throwing around the idea of doing most of my long runs on Fridays instead of Saturdays.  The Hungry Runner Girl has been doing a lot of her long runs on Fridays and since I think she has really great ideas I am following that for a while.  All you mom's out there can probably relate to the craziness our weekends can be so having the long training run completed on Friday is just a jump start.  One of my biggest hurdles with training for the Portland Marathon last year was the trouble with being gone most of the day on Saturdays.  It was important that I was in bed early on Friday and come Saturday night after an 18-20 miler I was bushed.  After reading Janae's idea it was like a light bulb!  While I won't toss Saturday runs totally out the window I will be doing the majority of them on Fridays going forward.  

This morning I ran an easy and slow 2 miles just to work out my legs and did a little strength training and foam rolling.  I am definitely finding my running mojo again and getting excited to put in some hard work.  Last year I focused mainly on just getting through each run but this year I am kicking it up a notch.  I am ready to improve on my previous race times and really see how far I can push myself in my upcoming races.  It is important to me to come back from snowy Michigan and treadmill running stronger than when I left and I am on target to hit that goal.  I told myself no excuses in 2013 and I meant it.  If I let myself back track and lose all of my running fitness I would be so disappointed in myself and my choices.  I actually love the treadmill and look forward to my runs on it now, something I never would have said 3 months ago!  

What is your favorite day of the week?  Why do you love that day?  
- I love Thursdays because its like Friday Eve and we only have more day, anticipation is everything!  Saturdays are awesome because Jess is home and its family day for us <3      

What was your best run/long run/training run this week?      

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