Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cooookie Monster Num Num Num!

Hi! I finally was able to pick up my new weight set today!  What did I finally end up getting you ask?!  Drum roll please.....

The Target brand weights.  These are so 1987 I know, but they went up to 30 lbs and I really want heavy weights when I do the squats, etc.  12.5 just didn't feel like it would heavy enough to get the job done.  So these aren't as cool as the ones I thought I would get, but they have more weight options.  Plus they were less than $50 so it was a pretty easy choice!  Now to figure out the assembly...I really shouldn't be allowed to make decisions on my own.  Honestly, I am surprised I am left alone all day with the girls.

I also grabbed some bars to keep in my car so I don't go through the fiasco I did yesterday.  

Those Chocolate Dipped Coconut bars are calling my name!  Don't you love when you see that red sticker on something you love at Target.  Its the little things.  

 Once I got home I couldn't handle the disaster that was my fridge.  After it was cleaned up I didn't have a home for the refrigerated cookie dough, so I was forced to make them.  

The husband comes home tonight from Detroit so I saved him 3...hopefully I don't spiral out of control and eat them before he walks in the door.  I have nothing if I don't have self control, BAHAHA...right.  

Do you organize your fridge?  Where do you keep all of the condiments?  
- I seriously need a fridge just for condiments and all of Jesse's hot sauces.  

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  1. That's what I have as a weight set!! I have two sets. And no assembly required, it's just put the plates on and secure them by using the screw thingy!! LOL If you have the EXACT set, the bars themselves weigh 3 pounds, so when you're lifting 5, it's actually 8...just a little tip :-)


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