Monday, August 20, 2012

S&K To The Rescue!

I have to say Super Hero Camp is a blast!  The first thing the kids did upon arrival was pick out their cape and have their letter put on the back, so cute!  

While they were playing the good guys I dragged my butt out to run as far as I could in the time allowed, which didn't end up being as much time as I thought.  My worse fear is being late to pick my kids up for ANYTHING so I kept looking at the time and finally after an hour and 5 miles I called it good.  I had a little bit of time so I was able to check out a couple books I had been eyeing at the library and pick up some post run food at Rainbow Market.  All I wanted was a nutritional bar of some sort so I grabbed a Cliff bar. 

Ya, $6 bucks later I had all of this

Not because I wanted it but because I didn't have any cash or enough change and in order to use my card I needed to spend at least $5 bucks.  So I grabbed whatever was closest that looked like something I could eat and not feel bad about later.  Coffee always winds up in my hands when I am out no matter how much I fight it.  What did I learn from this?  Keep post run food in your car and actual cash money in your wallet, trust me, you'll need it one day! 

On my run I decided to really make it painful and do the dreaded Sunset Blvd. Hill.  Hey don't get me wrong I like down hills and I understand their value, but this one is a doozy!  At least this time I remembered to pick the side with the shade, last time I thought I would go all hard core and do the other side, not a good idea.  I didn't feel as bad about only completing 5 miles since I did throw in this mountain hill.  Plus I'll get another chance this week to do an 8-10 if I get up early enough, which I will because no excuses right?!  Right...

Do you have a hill in your neighborhood/town that you want to conquer? 
-One day I hope to run the whole way up this hill with no walking!

Do you try to get any long runs in during the week or do you keep those just to the weekends?


  1. haha! That's the same goal I have for that hill! You're right, it's a doozy ;(

    1. It's pretty you run out in Sherwood?

  2. Yup. Sherwood's my town. That's right... :)

    1. That is so cool, we should try and run together sometime! :)


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