Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your Abs Scare Me

Good morning!  We have another day of Super Hero Camp ahead of us, the girls can't wait to sport their capes again and this time I'll remember my camera so I have actual pictures not just phone pictures.  Wow, hi run on sentence, how are you this morning?  CLX Intervals & Abs is on the agenda today, Intervals is about 40 minutes and super intense but I don't dread that one bit, nope.  Its the Abs that is a 10 minute workout that already has me in a cold sweat, yes it is that hard thank you.  No run today, its a run rest day and I have to run a couple short errands while the girls are doing their save the world thing.  

The girls both got a super hero to color when we got home, Katherine colored both of them, Sarah doesn't like to color, love those yellow shoes! 

Yesterday on my run I was thinking how grateful I am able to do as much running and Chalean as I am able to fit in.  It takes a conscious effort to find the time but I also have to want to do it.  Plus it helps a lot that both of my girls are reaching preschool age.  When they were 2 or younger it was hard to find time to even get a shower in everyday, I couldn't imagine if I tried to do anything else.  What I am trying to say is that when you read blogs or magazines or whatever always take into account your own personal situation.  The grass is NEVER GREENER, it is only green where you water it.  If you feel overwhelmed right now and the thought of adding anything else to your plate is just to much then don't add anything else.  Trust me I get it.

If you think you can take something away or hand it off to another member of your family, then you should that, you can't do everything yourself.  So if working out is important to you then you should try and find a way to fit it in somehow.  You might have to get up butt early, but if its something you want then it'll be worth it.  If you have small kids who don't allow for you to get up before them maybe you can do it after they go to bed, its up to you!  You have to decide what you want and if your going to go for it.  OK lecture over!  Have a great today and think about what time of day really works the best for you to get in your workout, make it happen!  

What time of day is your best time to workout? 
-Mine is the morning, doesn't always happen that way

Do you have kids?  Tell me about them!


  1. as my dad says, "the grass is only greener on the other side of the fence because it's fertilized with bull s@&*!"

    1. I love that expression, it is the first time I've heard it! LOL!


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