Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who You Calling Fat?!

Hi!  Fell off the planet yesterday, but it was an awesome day.  Sarah and Katherine had their last day of Super Hero Camp and Jess was able to come and hang out with me while they were finishing it up.  We dropped them off and walked around Old Town Sherwood while we waited for the Super Hero Show.  We went out to breakfast at Fat Milo's in Old Town and our breakfast was so good!  A lot of their ingredients come from local farms and they have a list of all of them up on their wall.  I ordered the Veggie Reds, which was a base of red potatoes with spinach, mushrooms, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, green peppers and an egg on top, so much good stuff.  

After breakfast we went to the library so I could check out yet another Freelance Writing book and show Jess how cool the self-check out is.  We had such a great morning together, it was really nice to have that stolen time together.  Life has been so busy and full of great and not so great things lately and being able to steal an hour together just the two of us was so needed.  

Also I promise these are the last round of the Super Hero Pictures! 

I haven't ran since Monday, ugh, that is super annoying to me.  I have been looking for treadmills and craigslist just freaks me out.  So I am hoping this weekend I am able to find one at a garage sale, we'll see if I have any luck with that.  I have already decided I will gladly give up my desk in place of a treadmill, I am desperate to up my mileage at this point.  I am going to run tonight when Jess gets home from work so hopefully that isn't midnight.  My goal is 6 miles.  I should have gotten up earlier this morning, but I was up late waiting for Jess to get home from work.  Thinking that system isn't going to work for much longer.  I have been able to keep up with my Chalean and so far I really love the Push Phase, lots of heavy weights and crying leg work.  But I need to be running for a number of reasons but mainly for my sanity and because I have a little thing called a marathon in just over a month.  

What have you been up to lately?  Any great runs you want to share?! 

What is the farthest you've ever ran on a treadmill?

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