Thursday, September 19, 2013

Finding My Routine!

Good Morning! 

I ran yesterday and it was awesome!  Well it didn't feel awesome but I was so glad I was out there.  I ended up listening to the Marathon Training Academy podcast because I needed to have something else to focus on.  Normally I don't like to listen to anything while I run but I think while I am working back up my mileage and getting my body use to running again I'll break that rule.  

This summer was intense in terms of half marathons and traveling so I am looking forward to slowing both down.  I don't have another half marathon until December so I am going to take the next couple months to improve my 5k pace.  On Thanksgiving I am running the Sherwood Give 'N' Gobble 5K and I am looking to PR.  I've been challenged by our neighbor and it is the first time I actually want to beat someone at a race.  It is going to hurt but I am ready for the challenge and excited to see what I can do.  

Today is a free day in terms of preschool and all that so we'll see where the day takes us!  

Enjoy The Run! 


  1. Did you run in the morning? I know you said that you didn't like running in the dark... I normally have to if I want to run before work but I heard that there was a bear sighting!?!?! So I'm waiting until after school today!

    1. Oh my I didn't hear about the bear sighting! I ran yesterday late morning so it was light out :) I miss my morning run but I have more time now doing them later in the day so it'll work out for the better I think. I hope you have a good run tonight!


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