Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coming Back

I feel like I've fallen off the face of the blog planet since Labor Day weekend.  I have so much to share about the Sunriver Challenge and the amazing time we had running that weekend.  I'll be doing a seperate post dedicated to the Sunriver Challenge since it was 2 different races held on 2 different days. 
I just wanted to check into my little baby blog and talk about my current challenges.  I am having the worst time finding my routine for the fall.  I have a terrible fear of running alone in the dark and not really interested in overcoming that fear.  I am working on putting together a running group and looking forward to getting that scheduled.  Since I won't run alone in the dark my morning runs are about to be nonexistent.  It is already staying dark till pass 6 AM in my neck of the woods and that doesn't leave me with much time once the sun comes up.  I have a feeling me and the treadmill are going to become close friends again.  I do have 3 afternoons a week available but will be waiting till the cooler weather presents itself. 

These are very 1st world problems and not even problems just logistic issues.  I'll find what works once we get settled into our new routine and I'll work my way back to a comfortable mileage.  Plus I still have the weekends to get in 2 good days of running.

I hope you all are having some good runs and getting excited for all the upcoming fall races!

Along with everything else I will be back to blogging regularly once we are out of travel mode and back to life mode :)

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