Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Petco 5K9 Powered by Purina

Good Morning! 

I didn't do much running last week, my grand total was 11 miles.  So far this week isn't looking too great either, boo.  Last week I was feeling a little burnt out and decided to take it easy.  I also have this hacking cough that just won't quit and it kept me up most of last night, amazing.  I am going to need to get creative this week to get my runs in and will be making friends with my treadmill again.  Actually I am not worried about my mileage right now since I feel like I've been hitting it hard most of the year.  Sometimes I need a break from the 5:30 wake up.  

I did do a 5K with Katie and Maverick on Sunday and it was a lot of fun!  The Petco 5K9 Walk/Run was held in Portland at Columbia Annex Park in North Portland.  I wasn't sure how I would feel going into it since I hadn't ran much earlier in the week.  Katie picked up my race bib and swag bag for me and had it waiting for me when I met up with her and Maverick.  That bag was full!  

Katie's swag bag picture but you get the idea 

I absolutely love when races offer the participants a free race photo.  I think this is a huge benefit to someone registering for a race.  They had photo booths for all of the race participants and printed the picture right there for you to take home.  Kuddos to this race for offering that!  

I should really have opened my eyes for the picture 

This race was open to anyone not just runners with dogs.  Katie and I ran the 5K with Maverick and it was so fun to see so many different dogs out there running.  All of the dogs had huge smiles on their faces and it was fun to watch them all come through the finish line.  Whenever I run with Katie and Maverick it makes me realize how much I want a dog to run with.  While Lucy is my favorite little pug I can't expect her to be able to go out and run with me, she's a walker.  I definitely see our family adopting another dog one day and I look forward to getting him or her out there to run with me.  

Earlier this summer Purina sent me some of their new dog food line Dog Chow Light & Healthy.  

Now I wouldn't call my little Lucy "light" but she is healthy and happy.  

And adorable 

We like to go on walks and she loves to run circles around the house and in the backyard.  Just like people, dogs who are exercised regularly and fed a healthy diet are happier dogs.  Lucy has always eaten Purina and I feel good about the product they sell.  Healthy dogs are happy dogs!  Purina also sent me a pet pedometer.  Lucy is going to wear it for a week and then we are going to have Maverick wear it.  I am interested to see the difference between the two!  We both already know Maverick will have a higher number but it will be fun to see the difference between a pug and lab.  

Every time I run a 5K I am reminded that I really do enjoy them.  Don't get me wrong the half marathon will always have my heart but really pushing it for a 5k just feels good.  Plus I am done in less than 30 minutes, always a plus.  Don't forget The Color Run 5K is coming to Portland in just a few weeks, don't forget to use this code to get $5 off!   

**Purina sent me a 4lb bag and some samples for me and my dog friends to try.  I've always used Purina with Lucy and felt safe using their product.  I didn't receive any financial compensation for this post and they did not sponsor me to run the Petco 5K9, I paid the registration fee myself.  I do believe that keeping yourself and your animals fit and healthy is important.  All opinions are my own**  

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