Thursday, August 15, 2013

4+4 = 8 Sad Miles

Good Morning! 

I ran this morning and it was another not great run.  My 2 runs this week have both been blah and cut short.  

I am not feeling well and think I am catching what Sarah has so graciously shared.  

She stayed home yesterday from preschool camp and is currently still asleep, we will see what today brings.  To answer your question, yes Starbucks cake pops do make you feel better.  

This week has been a bit of a running slump and when that happens it tends to get me thinking about my favorite hobby and what I want out of it.  I started the year off in Michigan wanting to keep up my running fitness and start training for the Portland Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  I was able to work up to 14 miles on the treadmill and came home ready to tackle the upcoming races on the calendar.  Basically since my PR at Helvetia I have focused on staying half marathon ready and doing between 20-30 miles each week.

Lately my weeks have been closer to 20 miles and I am so ready to get back to my 30 mile weeks.  Honestly I am ready to get back into the fall routine, cooler weather and all of the colors.  I don't want to wish away time or not be present but there are times that I just really look forward to fall.  We have 2 more trips on the calendar with our final trip being Chicago for Joey's Navy Graduation, so excited!  When we get home from that we'll be done with any major trips for the year and let me tell you how good it feels to say that.  This year has been a lot for travel which overflows into so many other aspects of our life.  It is definitely time to slow things down and be home for a full 90 days or longer, lets hope for longer.  

I've been working on getting our house back in order one room at a time.  Why did I start this process you ask?  I had to get the girl's room cleaned out and ready for their new big girl beds and it lit a fire under me to get the rest of my house in tip top shape.  

{The girl's new big girl dollhouse bed}

So far I've got their room, our room and the office/playroom cleaned out.  

While I was cleaning out the office/playroom I came across my stack of bibs.  I have wanted to put my bibs on a cork board forever and finally just sat down and got it done.  I am so glad to have them all in one spot and hanging up in our garage.  Nothing fancy, I just wanted them somewhere and not stashed all over the house anymore.  

Here is to hoping I can fight the bug and still get a long run in this weekend, fingers crossed!  If not I'll just sit and drink my coffee and start new next week.

Are you training for a fall race?  

If you are running a fall race you are getting close, how are you feeling about your training?  

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