Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Run Because...

Good Morning! 

I haven't been blogging very much because I haven't been running very much.  Well to be honest I haven't ran since Sunday, GASP!  Actually it is what needs to be done right now since I have a hacking cough that reminds me a bit of bronchitis.  So many other blogs and fellow runners will tell you to run based on certain symptoms and if it is above your neck or below or some jazz.  My advice about running when you don't feel good?  Don't run.  Honestly if you don't feel good and your body is trying to fight something it is best to rest.  Rest is the best thing you can do for your body and mind when you are sick.  

I run for the pure reason that I love to run.  I run because it clears my head and gives me a shot of energy for the rest of the day.  I love running alone but I also love running with a friend or a group, I love to run.  I am not the runner that sets lofty goals, you'll never see me exclaim I am going to try and be an elite!  Mainly because that'll never happen, I am realistic, this girl's legs just don't work that way.  I do refer to myself as a mother runner and I'll always put the mother part of that title first.  In order to do the mothering part of that I have to be healthy which is another reason why I run.  Running keeps my my body and my mind healthy so I can take on whatever 2 little 4 year old girls want to throw at me.  I can chase them and pick them up and run around with them all day because I run and stay healthy.  

When you aren't running you have a lot of time to ponder why you run in the first place.  It also gives you a chance to remember why you love it and that when you get back to it you'll make it better than before.  I am also reminded that running is a choice and I am grateful that I have the support and ability to get out there.  There are a lot of different runners out there and I am definitely more of the laid back type.  I try to take the laid back approach to most things anymore because I have learned through experience getting worked up really achieves nothing.  Life in general has plenty of stresses and I refuse to have running become another stress in my life.  There are people out there who have real problems and I am reminded of that everyday, just this morning actually.  

I haven't ran this week and maybe I'll run this weekend it depends on a few factors, like if I can breathe.  Maybe I'll spend the weekend not running and start fresh and new on Monday.  I am glad I have that choice and I can make running whatever I want it to be for me.

I run because...
I like it.  
I love spending that time with my thoughts. 
I really love running with Katie. 
I am a runner.  



  1. Sorry you aren't feeling 100%. Hopefully these days off will help! I was feeling really sluggish today so I'm glad I pushed my long run to tomorrow.
    Running is such a gift. Hopefully I don't ever take it for granted!

    1. Still feeling sick but going to head out for a run tomorrow, gave my body a week of rest seriously I am done now LOL!


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