Monday, August 26, 2013

I Use To Be A Runner...

Good Morning! 

This is so sad but I haven't ran in 8 days, 8 DAYS!  I was going to run this morning but obviously I didn't.  I honestly feel I needed the break and now I am ready to get back to it.  I miss the feeling of already having my day started by the time the girls have woken up.  I miss the shot of energy a run will give me and I miss my running routes.  Basically I miss running and like anything else in life I just needed a break from it and this awful sickness gave me just that.  I am still hacking up a lung but physically actually feel a lot better, the cough is just par for course.  I am a little nervous to go back to out cause I know it won't be pretty since I am sure I have lost some fitness but I'll get there.  

This weekend Katie and I have the Sunriver Marathon For A Cause and we are so excited!  

Katie and I registered for this back in February and we really thought we would be able to run the marathon, then life happened.  We are hoping to change to their 10K & Half Marathon challenge but haven't heard back yet, maybe we'll be running that marathon anyway! HA!  No.  I am barely going to be ready to run the half marathon let alone a full marathon so hoping to hear something sooner rather than later.  Either way the weekend will be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to spending the last weekend of summer with my family and our good friends.  

We got our picture with Bigfoot that we took at the Huckleberry Half!  That was such a fun event and I am already ready to register for next year, hills and all!  

I am working on a post for some upcoming fall races and would love your input!  
-What fall race are you most looking forward to?  

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