Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Giveaway Winner! + Fitbloggin' Shout Outs!

Good morning! 

We have a Giveaway winner!  

I'll get your address from you and have your winnings in the mail this week.  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered!  

I actually got to meet Colleen while I was at Fitbloggin' this weekend and she quickly became one of my friends.  She is training for a marathon and kept up with all of her training while taking part in the conference and all of the different fitness classes.  Whew, I am tired just writing all that!  Needless to say she is a rock star and you have to go check out her blog.  Did I get a picture with her?  Um no, because I am cool like that. Fail. 

So I'll just steal one from her blog! 


Okay prepare for a monster of a shout out to all of the awesome bloggers I met this weekend, they seriously all deserve their own blog post but that would be cray. 

Erica @ EricaDHouse did an amazing session on Media Kits, hands down best presentation at Fitbloggin' IMO.  She presented alongside Shannyn @ FrugalBeautiful & Annabel @ FeedMeImCranky, awesome girls!  You can learn more about their presentation here.

Andrea @ A Doctor In The House also lead a great talk on motivating our communities to choose a healthy lifestyle.  I really wanted to attend this discussion so I could hear other's ideas on community wellness and see how I can apply it to my monthly column.  She did a great job leading the discussion and she is such a sweet girl, check her out!  Go here to see what her discussion was all about.  

Kymberly & Alexandra @ Fun and Fit, Jamie @ Fit Approach and Margo @ Brooklyn Fit Chick gave us some information on Writing the Perfect Pitch, check it out here!

 The ladies at Fit Approach also gave a really interesting conversation on Twitter chats and Google+ Hangouts, all of which I knew nothing about.  I actually came away with a lot of information out of this session, here is the link.  

Our table at Friday's lunch & fashion show
I was able to meet and become friends with Danielle @ The T-Rex Runner and I feel like I am friends with someone famous now...I was probably just blocked from her Twitter (doh!)

David @ Keep It Up David! did a little shopping with me and is seriously the nicest guy.

Kelly @ No Thanks To Cake is HILARIOUS!  I want to have coffee with her like everyday and just listen to her talk.  

Anne @ fANNEtastic Food was my workout buddy during Friday's boot camp and she is so sweet and always had a big smile on her face.  Loved her.

Brittany @ My Own Balance grabbed my attention when she mentioned she was a lawyer, major props to her!  Plus her blog is all about balance which is something I am always working towards. 

Erin @ Dig Deep Play Hard led Friday's boot camp and took one for the team when she kept getting in trouble from the cop, she took it with a smile!   

Last but not LEAST my local girls!  So excited to have met some bloggers that are from around my neck of the woods.  

Lindsay @ Running With Tongs has the most precious little girl, she stole the show during a couple of our sessions and we all loved it! 

Sarah @ Will Run For Pasta is practically a neighbor and maybe I can talk her into a few runs with me ;) 

Beeb is a journalist who lives on the Oregon Coast and I might be able to make a running convert out of her yet! 

I still have so many things to share about Fitbloggin' so keep checking in this week for more recaps.  Are you getting excited for the 4th of July?  I am pumped for my Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon Thursday morning followed by our neighborhood blow out later that day, cannot wait!

I'll have a preview of the half up soon, I've never run this half marathon but have heard great things.  Plus it is sold out which is usually a good sign of a fun race!  

What are your plans for the 4th of July?  
- I love everything Red, White & Blue and absolutely love our nation's holiday! 

I know that I missed some amazing people in my shout outs so please add your name and link to your blog in  the comments!  
-Trying to get all this down with the girls running circles around me was a bit of a challenge


  1. Loved meeting you in the bathroom over and over again, haha! We are indeed practically neighbors and I would love a running friend!! You're out there doing half marathons though and I can't get past week 4 of C25k so I might need a little more training before I can keep up with you :D More running is one of my goals so we'll have to make it happen!

    1. We'll make it happen! :) You'll get there, we all go through slumps and face challenges. It is what makes us better runners.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! It was so great to meet you! :) Good luck with your half marathon for the 4th. I'll be lounging on the beach (maybe some tennis or bike riding!).

    1. Of course! I know I missed people so another shout out will be on its way, lol! Lounging on the beach sounds pretty amazing, I'll lounge by our slip and slide. :)


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