Monday, July 1, 2013

Fitbloggin 2013 Recap 1 of Many!

Good morning! 

I do not know where to even start with my experience at Fitbloggin this weekend, it was incredible.  I had zero expectations going into the conference and was absolutely blown away.  When I arrived I was greeted by Roni and her staff and I have to say first just how friendly and helpful every single one of them was the entire conference.  It didn't hurt that I was also handed a brand new Reebok gym bag FILLED with swag was then ushered to the Reebok booth where I was handed a new pair of Reebok shoes and yoga tank, uh-mazing.  

There are so many different parts of Fitbloggin that I want to share and if I put it all in this post you'll quickly break up with me.  So I am just going to brush over the fun stuff and throughout this week I'll dig deeper into some of the sessions and classes that made an impact on me.  Please check out all of the recaps posted by actual bloggers on the Fitbloggin website, I met most of these people and they are the real deal.  

There were a lot of sessions, workshops and fitness classes to chose from and I was able to attend so many different things.  

I had 3 intense workouts over 2 days and let me tell you my calves have been feeling it!  My heart is with running but I really wanted to try out the classes they were offering and I am glad I did.  I'll run my heart out and try out a new class but please don't ask me to diet, I love my food, especially if it is simple easy food.  

During our break on Saturday a group of us walked down to the food trucks in Downtown Portland.  I can honestly say I've never been down to the food trucks in Portland.  I went with the Grilled Cheese Grill and wasn't impressed, oh well!  I should have gone with the waffle truck because everyone loved what they ordered.  

I wanted something cold before heading back for some more sessions so I went to the Starbucks at Pioneer Square.  I have lived in this area forever and even went to Portland State University downtown and I have never been inside the Pioneer Square Starbucks, it was really pretty and open on the inside.  

Needless to say I had such a good time exploring and becoming reacquainted with Portland.  It was a great weekend of making new friends and lighting the fire to start some new things with my blog.

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One more thing!  Google Reader is RIP as of today so if you want to continue hanging out with me hassle free follow me on Bloglovin', there is a button my side bar that'll take you directly to my page.

How was your weekend?  

Did you try anything new this weekend? 

A new running route or fitness class?  
It is good to get out there and out of your comfort zone!

What is your favorite thing about your town? 




  1. Hey Dani! It was so awesome meeting you at FitBloggin! Looking forward to following your blog and seeing what you're up to...good luck with the running!

    1. I am so glad we met too it was such a fun weekend! I am going to be following along with you marathon training, excited to hear about your Marine Corps experience!

  2. FitBloggin was awesome! So glad to have met you! :)

    1. It was so much fun! I think meeting everyone was the best part :) and the dancing LOL!

  3. So great to meet you! This was my first FitBloggin' too and I was really impressed!

    1. I was really impressed with everything too, they did a great job putting everything together

  4. I ran on a Sunday, I don't normally run on a Sunday (unless it's a race). It was also very foggy, which was weird, but kinda cool at the same time.
    The town I live in is small, but I like it, it's also deceptively hill, which makes for interesting runs, but helps when I do races in cities that are flat.

    1. Nice! I've heard flat races can almost be harder than hilly races, but I don't know about that one, lol!


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