Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon Preview

Good morning! 

I started the morning off with a 4 mile out and back and I took a chance on a different route.  I am so glad that I did because I found somewhere new to get in my morning runs.  I am always nervous to go a different direction but since tomorrow is the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon I decided to just head out and not worry about how many miles I got in.  Luckily it worked out really well and I am excited to explore the area a little more next time.  

Tomorrow is my 1st 4th of July race and I am seriously pumped up!  I don't normally like costumes or dressing up for races but for America's birthday I am all over it.  I am ridiculously patriotic and never take for granted that I was born into the most amazing nation in the world.  I am a proud American and make no apologies for it.  I will be busting out my coozies for the afternoon and evening festivities tomorrow! 

Just keep'n it classy 

This is my first time running the Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon but I have heard it really is a flat course and the islanders are so supportive of the runners.  So I'll run through the details quickly since I am just reiterating what is on their website. 

   - Bib Pick Up starts @ 5:30 AM race day and only goes till 6:00 AM.  You can pick up your bib TODAY at the Foot Traffic store in NE Portland on Fremont from 11-4
- You can park on the island but they encourage participants to take the shuttle.  They recommend anyone parking on the island to arrive at least 1 hour prior to start time. 

- FULL Marathon starts at 6:30 AM  
- 5K/10K starts at 6:40 AM 
- HALF Marathon starts at 6:50 AM
- They will have water, Nuun & Clift Shot available on course 
- There are 7 aid stations available for the HALF and 13 for the FULL 

You can read about last year's race HERE, she did a great recap of the last year's event.

Who else is running a race tomorrow? 

Tell me what your favorite holiday is! 
- Mine are 4th of July and Thanksgiving because both have nothing to do with gifts and are all about getting together with people you love and celebrating the day. 


  1. Good luck Daniella!! I'm rooting for you!! How many races do you do a year?

  2. Thank you Sam! I run on average 1 per month, May tends to be a bigger race month. I have 2 more half marathons scheduled for August and September and then an open calendar after that :)


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