Thursday, June 27, 2013

Running Is Like a Good Dog and FitBloggin'13!

Good Morning! 

Normally after a couple weeks of lackluster running I would be really down on myself but I just am not going to do that this time.  It is what it is and next week I'll be back at it.  That is the great thing about running, it is always there waiting for you when you come back.

  Just like a good dog.

I said before that it is difficult to get out for a run while we are in Montana and since getting home I just wasn't making it a priority.  Trying to get settled in and already having another road trip on the horizon is making me feel a little overwhelmed.  Running would help with that but am I running, no, makes sense right?! Needless to say I am ready for the vacation part of summer to start and by vacation I mean being home for more than 6 weeks in a row this year.

Tonight is the first event of FitBloggin'13!  I'll be heading downtown Portland this afternoon and have an opportunity to meet some really amazing people in the fitness and blogging world.  I am excited to attend all of the interesting workshops and fitness classes they are offering to all of the attendees this weekend.  I am not sure how much time I'll have to sit and post but I'll be blowing up my TWITTER and INSTAGRAM feed so be sure you follow me to stay up on all of the fun happenings at FitBloggin'13!  

Jess designed business cards for me and I even had a pen and tote bag made up with my logo.  I feel like such a nerd but I am really excited for this opportunity.  When I started my blog over a year ago I wasn't sure what I wanted from it and I am still just taking it day by day.  More than anything I like having a place to talk about my running and if anybody reads it that is great but if they didn't I would still write.  More than anything I want to continue being home with my girls while also having a writing career.  I have always enjoyed writing and feel I have found a few niches that I am really passionate about.  Now I just have to do some laundry so I have something to wear this weekend! 

Don't forget that my Giveaway for Laura Vanderkam's book 168 Hours is still going on!  I'll announce the winner next Tuesday, July 2nd.  There are a lot of ways to enter and you have pretty good odds as of now.  Plus this is a great book!  You can enter here!  

Will you be at FitBloggin'13?  

Have you ever attended a blogging conference? 
- This is my first conference like this! 

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