Monday, May 13, 2013

Uberthon's Run for Boston 5k


Saturday was such a full day and by the time we all got home we were exhausted.  We started the day with all of us heading into Portland for the Doggie Dash and ended the day at Champoeg Park for the Run for Boston.  Yesterday I had originally planned as a rest day but Friday wasn't in the cards for my long run so it was moved to Sunday.  I have found that the more flexible I am in my life the happier and less stressed I've become, funny how that works.  I had planned on 10 miles but cut it short about 3/4 of a mile because my feet hurt and I was just done.  Jess surprised me with a stop at the Portland Running Company on Saturday for a new pair of kicks, points!  I tried on 3 different pairs of Mizunos ranging from minimum control to full on foot don't move control.  I am always in the mindset of avoid injury anyway possible and to me that means a solid pair of shoes.  I decided on the Alchemy 12's and for me they have too much stability, does that even make sense?  

I felt like I was running with blocks on my feet and afterwards my feet hurt like I had been walking for days.  Normally after a run in a new pair of shoes my feet feel great so I am going to exchange them for this pair instead.  I have about 300 miles on my current shoes so I'll start switching back and forth and using my Wave Rider 16's for shorter runs.  

*The picture is sideways because I am technically challenged, sorry*

Saturday night was the Run for Boston I had really been looking forward to and it was a really great race for me, wanna know why?  Oh I just PR'd!  YAY!  I cannot really tell you why I wanted to make this race a race against my old PR but I just felt like I should at least try.  Probably because I knew I would have Katie running with me and she could pace me.  I knew she wouldn't let me slow down and would try and distract me by talking about double sided tape and eating bugs.  

She looks so perky here and I am apparently getting my fists of fury ready for a fight!  Please don't ask what is happening with my face, it was rare moment when I ignore a race photographer.

I guess I thought I would try to double high five the photographer?  Um...I dunno...

I honestly just wanted it to be over at about mile 1.5, but that is just a guess because there was not a mile marker to be found.  Maybe I have my thumbs up because I just feel so awesome, ya that is it.

Here is the thing, I don't run hard in races.  I think I am running hard but I ALWAYS finish with way too much left over in my tank.  This has been disappointing for me and I decided I was going to just see what I could do this time.  I finished with an official time of 28:31, 9:10 average pace and beat my old 5k PR of 30:12.  I feel really good about this PR and I am so grateful to Katie for getting me there.  When we saw the finish line clock she said "OK Dani go for it get under 30" and I said "OK, ya I can do that" then she said "Under 29! Under 29!" LOL!  So I really just pushed with all I had, that girl is always pushing me to do better :)  The conditions weren't really there for a PR either, it was hot and muggy and not a breeze to be found.  Thankfully they had 2 water stations for us runners which was so appreciated by all I am sure.  I am an almost 100% morning runner and this race started at 6:00 pm, so I really had no business gunning for a PR.  Needless to say but I am saying it anyway, I feel pretty stoked!  Thank you Katie, seriously if you hadn't paced me and kept me at an extremely uncomfortable wanting to hurt someone where the hell is the finish line pace I wouldn't have came close.      

Do you have someone in your life who pushes you to be better?  
- Katie pushes me a lot both in running and in other areas she probably doesn't even realize

What is your PR you are currently most proud of?  

What is coming up that you are super excited about?!  Doesn't have to be race related!  
- I am really looking forward to the Rock and Roll Half this weekend and my first run with my favorite teenage neighbor in a couple weeks :) 

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