Saturday, May 11, 2013

OHS Doggie Dash 2013


This morning was another successful Doggie Dash at the Portland Waterfront!  

We met Katie and Maverick at the start line this morning before they took off for their 2.5 mile dash.  

My crew did the shorter 1.5 mile walk because Lucy Lu couldn't even be carried that far let alone walk/run 

I really should invest in a front pack for her.  In case you were wondering YES people do that for pugs.

Sarah and Katherine were total troopers and believe it or not actually had a good time. 

The sweetness between the two of them is just too much sometimes!  Love those girls <3 

This was my 2nd year doing the Doggie Dash and it is quickly becoming a tradition.  Maverick is the reason Katie started running and therefore me too.  Plus any excuse to get all of my favorite people together is something I'll never turn down!  OK off to pack snacks and change for race #2 of the day!  

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!   


  1. A doggie dash sounds like so much fun! My Phoebe can barely make it on her 10 minute walks (she's getting old and we live at 7.000 feet) but I'd do it with another dog in the future!
    Your girls hugging is so sweet :)

    1. It is a really fun little family outing for sure :) My best friend ran it and then came back and walked with me and my pug, lol! She has a lab, show off! Kidding!


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