Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Running & Being

Good morning! 

The girls and I are taking a quiet and restful morning to ourselves and it has been so nice.  My alarm went off at 6:00 and I heard 2 little girls make their way into my room.  I decided snuggling with them was much more important than anything else and we loved it.  We didn't get out of bed till 10:00 on a Wednesday!  We are just hanging around this morning eating cereal, drinking coffee and watching Daniel Tiger.  Sometimes we'll just take a random day off and today is quickly turning into one of those.  I think about how the girls will be starting school soon and these days will become less and less.  I don't think any amount of preparation will get me ready for Kindergarten, but it'll be here whether I like it or not :)  

Since I haven't gotten to my run or cross training yet today I'll share what I did yesterday.  

Trying to ignore the .97, should have just ran in a circle till 5, oh well!  It was a nice relaxing run and I just enjoyed the scenery.  I am excited for this month and a new mileage goal of breaking 100.  My highest month ever was September of 2012 which was the month before the Portland Marathon, I hit 106.  I am working on building up my base so I can be prepared for the 20 milers I'll be doing later this summer.  If you are wondering where I keep my records I write just about everything in my planner but I also use the Nike + app.  I love that I have all of my information with me on my phone and I really love using the website.  I don't think I could become a Garmin runner because of my love of Nike +, I know total nerd.     

I downloaded a new book to my Kindle last night and cannot wait to start it today.  I read it about it in Runner's World and loved what the Editor had to say about it.  As you can see it was written 35 years ago and has just recently been re-released.  The author passed away from cancer and had a huge impact on the running community.  I love a new book and love a book about running even more!  Has anyone read the Kara Goucher's Running For WomenI would love to know your thoughts on it!  

Do you have a favorite book?  

Running, Fiction, Self Help? 

Any goals for the month of May?  

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