Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good Choices and Bad Choices


I would call my run today more of a slogging, I just couldn't really get moving.  I ended up doing my cross training this morning before my run and my legs felt like they were filled with lead afterwards.  I normally love that feeling after cross training but not right before I want to head out for 7 miles.  Not every run will be great but getting out there always feels great.  Is it starting to get warmer when you are at?  It really warmed up this morning and was almost 60 when I hit the pavement I was so grateful to find a water fountain during my 4th mile.  I get so thirsty when I am out running if I am doing anything over 5 miles I need to start remembering to bring my water belt.  

The other day I bought a couple of the Starbucks Iced Coffees because they were 2 for $3.00 and I figured it was worth a try.  My opinion that I am sure you really value is to skip them.  

They didn't have an unsweetened option and I had hoped it wouldn't be that sweet.  The 21 grams of sugar should have been my first clue that yes they would be sweet.  I like my coffee to be the color of milk so I added more of my own creamer but it still was a no go.  I ended up pouring it down the sink, I won't waste calories on something that doesn't even taste good.  Save your money and just buy a real iced coffee of if you are talented enough make your own at home.  Then again you shouldn't really take my advice on anything because I go to the store and do things like this... 

So do what you want, I make awesomely bad choices!

Do you find that you are really affected by your previous days food choices when you head out for a run?  I know that certain things will affect a run the following day.  For example I normally do not drink any alcohol during the week because I know it is going to weigh me down in a major way.  I especially stay away from it the day and night before a long run because it dehydrates me.  Wine is totally off limits during the week and before any long run or race, that stuff hits me like a brick.  Wine not only dehydrates me but just 1 glass will make getting up with my 5:30 alarm clock nearly impossible.  Luckily I've never been a huge drinker so it wasn't much of a reach to now only have a drink once a week.  

Do you have a food or drink you have to stay away from because they'll affect your runs?  

Favorite flavor of ice cream?  
- I have so many!  If I had absolutely had to choose then it would be Baskin Robbin's Mint Chocolate Chip 

Are you a coffee drinker?  


  1. So far nothing has bothered my runs, thankfully, but I don't eat anything different the night before a race either.
    Fav flavor of ice cream: it changes all the time! I love just about any kind =)
    Coffee: I have NEVER been a coffee or tea drinker. Its water all the way for me! =)

    1. I live for coffee and day dream about it during my morning run LOL! Water is the best for you though

  2. I like to have a cup of coffee (or two) in the morning before I go to class.
    Ice cream flavor: Mackinaw Island Fudge, Moose Tracks, or Cookie Dough!

    1. YUM! I have never had Mackinaw Island Fudge but it sounds amazing!

  3. I had a glass of wine last night and PR'd this morning at a 10k! I love iced coffee with soy milk. My go to drink!

    1. NICE JOB on your PR! Keep that wine coming :) Iced Coffee is one of my favorite ways to drink coffee too :) I have really started to love the coconut milk creamer in my coffee, doesn't taste anything like coconut just seems creamier than regular half and half.


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