Tuesday, April 30, 2013

JC Penny Xersion Workout Line Review

Good morning!  

Back in March I was on the search for a couple new pieces of running gear to add to my collection.  I wasn't looking to spend much money but wanted to get another pair of running capris and a tank top.  I ended up heading to JC Penny and trying out their running line Xersion.  I spent a whole $26 and walked away with a new tank and pair of capris.  It has been about 6 weeks since I bought them and I feel like now I can give you some honest feedback on how they wear.  

I have worn the tank top on a couple runs and I love how soft and light weight it is.  I prefer it as a more of a cross training top than running because it bounces up a lot while I am running.  Personally I like my shirts to just lay and go unnoticed while I am running so it is my go to when I do any cross training.  I love the color and the feel of the material.  It is one of those tanks I wear on days I am just hanging out around the house.  It was a $6 tank top and definitely one I would buy again.     

The capris are my favorite capris I own.  They were $20 and I would buy them again if I did not already have plenty of running capris.  Personally I like my waistband a little higher because I don't like the feeling of my stomach hanging over.  I know a lot of that is in my head but after having twins it isn't as firm as it once was.  I really like the thick waist band, it is very comfortable. 

They are just a little longer than my other capris and don't feel as tight on my legs as my others do.  They are all around a really comfortable running capris and also great for my cross training.  

Overall I will buy running/workout gear from the JC Penny Xersion line again.  I really thought the tank top would fall apart after a few wash cycles and they capris also wouldn't stand up but I was wrong.  If you are looking for some affordable running/workout gear I would recommend checking out the JC Penny Xersion line.  My total for a new tank and capris was $26, that is half of what I paid for my new Lulu running skirt, just saying!          

Do you have a favorite brand of running/workout gear?  

Capris, Shorts or Running Skirts? 

Most expensive piece of running clothing?  
-My new Lulu skirt, but I did get 15% off!

I went online to get some links and noticed the prices online are higher than in the store, but still pretty affordable 


  1. I love it when people do reviews on workout gear! Great choice by the way. P.S I love your beachy theme bathroom. :)

    1. Thank you! It is my girls' bathroom :)

  2. I love those capris!! I'm on the lookout for some that wont give me panty line! =) LOL Do you have that issue with these? My mom in law got me a pair of Under Armour 'Shatter II' capris and they have NO pantyline! I've not found them in my neck of the wood though. Plus they were $50 or so and I don't want to spend that much on a pair capris =) That tank looks super cute on you!

    1. Thank you, I really like that tank even just has a regular top, lol! During my early morning runs I don't care about panty line because it takes all my energy to get out the door BUT during races and stuff I'll wear boy shorts under my capris to prevent panty line. I just bought a few pairs at Target, nothing fancy.


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