Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday Eve


I did a solo long run Saturday morning and it went pretty good even though my last few miles hurt a bit.  I did 14 miles but I set out for 15, that is what I get for forgetting my route.  I was perfectly happy with 14 since it was already starting to get really hot when I got back home.  It is officially sunscreen time people, please tell me you are all wearing sunscreen, it is serious yo.  OK back to the run.  I started off by listening to an old Marathon Training Academy podcast for about 40 minutes and ended up doing the rest with no headphones.  I find I am only listening to music at the tail end of a race and prefer a podcast or nothing for my day to day runs.  I did an easy 5 miles this morning and left my headphones at home, it was a really relaxing run.  It was also a very special run because it was my last run as a 28 year old!  AH!  Tomorrow I turn 29 (no really I do!) and I am excited to start my last year in my 20's.  

I wish I had something more interesting to say but I waited till 5 o'clock to try and sit down and write.  Have you ever tried to do anything at 5 in the afternoon with toddlers in your house?  I don't recommend it.  So I'll see you tomorrow and I'll be much more on top of it!   

Here are some highlights of our weekend! 

We came across a full on Barbie Jeep at Hagg Lake, the plates even said Mattel

Practiced our casting!

A very rousing game of memory

And no weekend is complete without ice cream! 

Do you listen to music when you run? 

Did you have a race this weekend? 
-Katie (my BFF!) blew it away this weekend at her 5k!  PR City baby!

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  1. "Easy 5 miles" you are so impressive! Happy early birthday!


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