Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthday Run and Run for Boston Info

Good morning! 

Yesterday was a good day not just because it was my birthday but because it started with an awesome run.  

I have been feeling great about my runs lately not for any reason in particular, just happy to be out there.  I go back and forth with myself on "speed" and I put speed in quotes because it is a relative term.  My "slow" pace is someone else's goal pace and my "fast" PR is another runner's worst race.  I want to improve on my runs but not at the cost of losing my joy of running.  If we focus too much on what is ahead we can never fully enjoy where we are and what we have already accomplished.  So while speed would be fun and who doesn't want those bragging rights, I won't let it steal my current joy.  

My Current Joys: 
- I have increased my weekly mileage 
- I feel really good about my current running base 
- I am really excited about my upcoming half marathons 
- I've been getting up with the sun to get my runs in which I love! 
- I've learned to not stress or have anxiety about upcoming races, those feelings really steal my joy! 

Other running joys?!  

I made a pit stop at Road Runner's last night to test out some new kicks and find some Nuun.  I have been reading all about how great and amazing and earth moving the flavor Cherry Limeade is so I have to try it for myself.  I think the birthday gods were looking out for me because as I dug through the Nuun bin I realized there was no Cherry Limeade :(  So I started looking through the GU Brew just to see if they had something similar and BOOM there it was!  Somebody must have mixed them up so I was glad I dug around, I am also glad it has caffeine because I love caffeine as much as I love my kids.

I have to say that I actually really like it!  I don't normally like anything sports drink'ish but I can see drinking this after a long run.  It really does have a real limeade taste to it so it feels like a treat, not a recovery/hydration drink.  While I was there I also picked up the Margarita flavor Cliff Shot Bloks.  They are something else I have wanted to try so I was excited to see they were also in stock.  They have more salt content and are suppose to help with any cramping, plus they taste like a margarita, hello?!     

Last night we went to dinner with Katie and Bryan and had the best time.  Katie gave me the coolest gift!  Right now I just hang my medals in the closet with Jesse's hats but now I have my own medal display.  I feel pretty cool :)  

I love family pictures, we are missing the one of Jess, me and the kids...who has that one?!  

My birthday was pretty awesome and I am excited for 29!  

In other news the Run for Boston Bib Pick Up is TODAY!  
Go HERE for all of the information you'll need.  If you haven't registered yet and are looking for an evening race this Saturday that benefits the Boston ONE Fund and will be super fun go HERE!  

When is your birthday? 

What is your favorite race distance? 
- Half Marathon for me! 

What are you doing today? 
- We have a fun play date planned!  Well with those 2 every day is a play date.


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