Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wear Sunscreen

Good morning!  

My run this morning was so good, not because it was fast or long but because I just let myself enjoy it.  I headed out at 6:00 and did an easy 5 miles.  Everyone I passed this morning had a smile on their face and it put me in such a good mood.  

Yesterday was a run rest day but I got back together with Chalean and I could tell she missed me.  I actually sat down on Sunday and mapped out my workouts and runs this week so I feel so much organized in that area.  I know I am always harping on this but get up in the morning to get your workout in, you'll never regret it.  Now that the girls are in preschool I thought I would wait and do my runs during that time but I switched it up this morning and I am so glad that I did.  Now I have a free moment to hang out with you guys!  

We had the most beautiful weather yesterday and I had to share the view from our neighborhood of Mt. Hood on a clear day.  We were only away from home for 3 months but coming back in the heart of Oregon spring time is happiness overload.  

I broke a sweat putting our backyard back together after putting everything away for the winter.  Why do bags of sand have to weigh so much?!  Thank goodness for my trustee wheelbarrow.  

The girls helped me bring out all of the cushions for our patio furniture, they were so excited to be helping me!  Lets hope that lasts for say...another 13 years?  I am doing something different this year for flowers and bought some wildflower mix to plant, it says it will attract humming birds and butterflies, wonder if they can do anything about rainbows. 

Okay I am going to say it just one more time, I am so happy to be HOME!  I am a homebody, I really enjoy my little cottage.  Being a SAHM is such a blessing and I am so grateful to be back home where me and the girls can really make the most of it.  Go out there today and do something that makes you happy too, even if it is just a little cup with a green straw.  :)  

Are you a homebody like me? 

Do you have a favorite season?  

What is your favorite form of strength training? 
- At home I love Chalean if I am going to a gym or studio I love Barre classes  


  1. I am a MAJOR homebody. Which is weird because I'm also SUPER into hanging out with friends and chatting the night away but when the night actually comes to go and hang out with my friends, sometimes its hard to peel myself away from here =)
    Season: Spring
    Strength training: I don't have a gym membership so I just do some weight lifting at home with my dumbbells =)

    1. I love doing my strength training at home too! Feel like I have a little more flexibility on when I do it. Also probably seems weird but I don't wear shoes when I am home and I cross training, random.


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