Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oh Lulu, I Love You!

Good morning!  

I put 10 miles under my belt yesterday and they were amazing.  I was finally able to run with Katie and I never have a bad run with her.  We met up with Coach Jim's running group in Tualatin and headed out with the 11 minute pacers for our 10 miles.  Our pace leader printed off some Boston Tribute bibs for people so Katie and I both snagged one to wear.  

The group had a really great turn out!

If you are not currently running with a running group I highly suggest Coach Jim's group.  Currently there won't be any "official" runs again till November, but I know some of us will be getting together for sure.  If you are from the Portland area you can find Coach Jim on Facebook for more information.  It really is an amazingly supportive group, don't be afraid to just show up.  He has pace leaders for every level and nobody is ever left behind and the plus side, it is FREE!  If you are not from Portland I would be shocked if you didn't have a running group around you.  If you do end up shocking me then put one together yourself, you have nothing to lose!

After our run we did a little shopping and took the plunge, we made our first Lulu purchase!  I call Lululemon  Lulu because I feel like an idiot trying to say it the proper way.  Since we were part of Coach Jim's running group we were able to snag 15% off of our purchase, sweet!  So you see we had no choice we had to buy the running skirts.  

I have had it less than 24 hours and it is already a crumpled mess, this is my life.    

On the way home I bought some fabric to make a new spring/summer'ish table runner, we'll see how it turns out.  It is the yellow striped fabric in the background of my picture.  The sewing machine is not my friend and I tend to stitch at an angle.  Needless to say I bought a lot of extra fabric!  

Have I shared with you all just how happy I am to be home?  Because I am!  Waiting to see if the sun actually pops out today like I was promised, looking forward to my recovery run!  

What are you up to this weekend?  

Did you have a long run in the books?  

What is your next race/event you are most looking forward to? 
- I have the Rock and Roll Half in less than a month and I am over the moon excited!

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  1. Great job on your run! I have the same skirt in 3 different colors. Love it, hope you do too!


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