Thursday, April 25, 2013

Runners Helping Runners - Run For Boston 5K

Good morning! 

Yesterday I hopped on my treadmill to do a ladder run from my TLAM training plan. I love ladder runs mostly because you are pushing really hard for 1-3 minutes which is something mentally I can handle.  It was an epic fail to put it nicely, what did I learn?  Two glasses of wine in the middle of the week will not help me get faster, just fall asleep faster, ha!  I woke up this morning did my cross training and headed out to redeem myself after yesterday's sad attempt.  I ran to the middle school track to warm up and did 4 fast (relative term) 100 meters.  Then I wanted to push myself up some hills, I apparently really wanted to punish myself, I kid.  I actually really like hills because not only do they push your body in a different way they are secretly speed work too, double score!  I will be putting at least one hill workout into my weekly plan from now on.  Sometimes I find myself feeling sluggish and unexcited about the gains I am making with running but I think taking a step back and just being grateful for the health to run puts everything into perspective.  So enough about my lame running abilities and onto much more pressing matters! 

Have you done a Run for Boston yet?  Katie and I ran in tribute of Boston and used a virtual run bib during our 10 mile last weekend.  

Katie and I both wanted to do something else and jumped at the chance to register for the Uberthon's Run For Boston on May 11th in Champoeg Park.  What I love about this race, besides it benefiting Boston, is that it is in the evening!  I am already registered for the Doggie Dash earlier that day and I can still come and support Run for Boston in the evening.  Score!    

100% of the proceeds of this race are going to the Boston One Fund to help those who were affected by this tragedy.  As we all know those hurt and killed by this senseless act are the very people who we know and love, our spectators.  They are the people out along the course cheering us on, calling out our names/bib numbers, they are our families, our children.  As a runner I did not hesitate for a second to register for this race, it is time for me to give back to my supporters.  

The event cost $25 and also has a kids race that is FREE, Sarah is all signed up and ready to go!  There is also an option to purchase a meal afterwards for $8, which I would spend easily anywhere else, this girl likes to eat.  This event is for both runners and walkers, the whole family!  I hope I will see you there running or walking in support of our cheering section that was so tragically hurt during the bombings.  

If you are looking for more information about the race you can go HERE.  

The Specs: 
Race Runners start @ 6:00 PM 
Race Walkers start @ 6:05 PM 
Fitness Walkers start @ 6:06
My favorite part the FOOD starts @ 6:25, dang I better run fast! 

If you don't think you can run or walk the event please consider donating your time to volunteer.  For more information on volunteering go HERE.  Your help is more valuable than you know!

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