Friday, April 26, 2013

Injury Prevention Tid-Bits

Good morning!  

Today is a run rest day so it'll just be me and my personal trainer Chalean once I finish my cup of coffee.  Can I be honest?  I really want to go out for a run right now but I know how important it is to respect the run rest!  My legs are super sore which I am excited about, they haven't been sore in a while.  Tomorrow is my long run day with Katie and of course I am excited about that so I'll give in to the run rest day today, for Katie.  

This last week has been a good week in terms of getting up in the morning and feeling good about my runs and cross training.  This morning will be day 3 for cross training, score!  So I am really trying to focus on those positives because it has really been a good week on paper.  Of course I have to harp on myself so here it goes.  I shouldn't care and it shouldn't matter but to me it does, I am sick of where I am at with my pace and it is time to do something about it.  Being on the slower side is nothing to be ashamed of and is not what is frustrating me, what is frustrating is I have been putting in the work to increase and it just is not happening.  I know speed work and hill training are going to be my friend in regards to increasing speed so I will work on my relationship with them but I am also going to increase my weekly mileage.  I have wanted to start doing a longer run during the week and I have read and heard from fellow runners that increasing your mileage can also increase your pace.  Well sign me up!  I will have to be careful about increasing my weekly mileage because if I push it up too quickly then it'll be hello injury goodbye running!  

According to Runner's World runners should follow the 10% rule when increasing their weekly mileage.  On average I run anywhere from 20-25 miles a week.  Next week I'll start my 10% increase, if I use the 25 miles I'll run this week next week I can run 27.5, the following week I'll run 30 miles and so on.  10% is not a big number and only adds 2.5 miles to my week but it is getting me where I want to be and keeping me healthy.  I have some lofty goals for this fall which may include becoming a marathon maniac and staying injury free.  Since we are on the topic of injuries did you know that continuously taking your shoes off without untying the laces can cause damage to your feet?  I guess after a while it can hurt your ankle ligaments and tendons, I never knew! 

Be like me and untie your shoes!

I took this picture last night on our walk.  It has no relation to my post I just thought it was a cute picture and I would share it!  Lucy is currently in training for her Doggie Dash coming up in a few weeks.  She is really pumped up to bust our her 1.5 miles!  Our buddy Maverick being the all star he is will be doing the longer 2.5 miles.  

OK Chalean won't wait any longer, she is such a hard ass, but I love her!  Have a great weekend!  

If you haven't already check out Uberthons Run for Boston!

What has been your favorite running event? 

Do you have any tidbits you want to share with the class about running injuries and prevention? 

It is FRIDAY!  What are you doing this weekend?



  1. I love pictures of children holding hands. It makes me smile :)
    Good for you... no running on your rest day! You're probably going to be so happy you stayed off your feet tomorrow! :)

    1. I know anytime I catch them holding hands I always want to snap a picture, so sweet <3

  2. I love that picture. Good job on listening to your body too =)


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