Monday, April 29, 2013

Rock and Roll Preview Run


I really need to get better about taking pictures when I go places but I left my phone in the car, I know excuses excuses.  Saturday Katie and I met at the Marriott with other runners to do a short preview run of the upcoming Portland Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  It was suppose to be a 7.25 mile run but ended up being just around 6.  We left the Marriott and headed towards the Hawthorne Bridge and made our way towards Hawthorne Blvd.  The run took us down Hawthorne about 3 miles where we turned around and made our way back to the Marriott.  You'll have to take my word on it but they had coffee, Gatorade and ice water for all the runners when we returned.  Plus they had some snacks and also a free cotton Rock and Roll t-shirt for everyone.

The route was okay, Hawthorne on a Saturday morning isn't really the best place for a large group of runners.  Plus there was also the March for Dimes going on at the same time so our run back over the bridge was pretty dodgy.  They had some pacers but none for the 11:30-12:00 minute runners and I noticed they were left behind pretty quick which :/ Hopefully they found their way back to the Marriott alright because it can get a little confusing in downtown Portland.  After the group run Katie and I headed out to do the Waterfront loop and log a few more miles before we headed home.  We ended the day with 9 miles together, I love my Katie runs.  

When I got home my house was empty and so quiet!  Jess took the girls out for a bike ride around the neighborhood and I headed out to meet up with them.  Uncle Jerady got the girls new bikes for their birthday and they are really starting to get the hang of it.  

Yes those are ears on their helmets, cuteness overload!  

Yesterday morning was such a beautiful morning I couldn't resist so I headed out for a run.  I ended up doing 9.5 miles and felt great the entire run.  I normally don't do gels or bloks during anything shorter than 10-12 miles but I am trying something new with my runs.  I had a blok at mile 4 and another at mile 6 and I honestly think they helped me with keep my pace the final mile.  I always thought that with gels and bloks less is more but I am learning that I might need to up my nutrition during my runs.  Personally I love this new found concept because I love Cliff Shot Bloks so it won't be hard for me to do.  I ended up with a 10:15 pace and actually re-checked my mileage on Map My Run because my shuffle has been wonky lately.   

 Today is a run rest day and I will fully savor it once I am done with Chalean.  

Did you have any training runs or a race this weekend?  

What is your favorite nutrition to use during a run?

Is the weather getting nice where you are?  
-Oregon has had the best weather since we've been home, love it! 

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  1. Oh the weather is heaven right now!! Nice around 50 and sunny! Makes me grouchy when I can't run in it!! I use GU or HUMA gel for fuel. I found the blocks to be too big for me...then again that was also when they were freezing and becoming more like ice cubes!! Love the helmets!


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