Friday, March 22, 2013

Off to Chi-Town!


This will be short and sweet since we are heading off to Chicago in just a few hours!  

I wish I could fit my boots in one of those bags, oh well!  My general rule for packing us for a trip is no more than 2 bags for the 4 of us.  Usually Jess and I share a bag and the girls share a bag...but my hair dryer tends to find its way with the girls stuff.  I am going to do a post next week on how to pack for a family.  I've been traveling with the girls since they were 6 weeks old and have learned quite a bit in the last 4 years.     

We are driving so I am wearing my favorite Pro Compression socks.  I usually wear them for long road trips and when we fly, I notice they keep my feet from swelling up.  I tend to eat a lot of salt on road trips, ahem... 

I have been looking forward to Chicago since we arrived back in January.  My Grandfather grew up in Chicago and lived there his entire life until he joined the Air Force.  His brother and family still lives in Chicago and I am really excited for him to meet Jess and my girls.  I feel like I'll have a connection to my Grandpa for a few days and that is exciting.  He passed away suddenly when I was 16 and I was really close with him my whole life, so this trip will be special.  Plus it's Chicago with my husband and kids, going to be amazing!  This is our last big trip and when we get back it'll be time to start packing up and heading home.  

I packed my running gear and our hotel has an awesome fitness center so I plan on using it.  This week has been lacking in that department, but that is how life goes sometimes.  I was dwelling on it until I realized that is life and I'll just have to pick up where I left off.  Sun is shining in Michigan today and it is Friday, what more could I ask for at this very moment?!    

Since I don't have a workout to share, tell me about your best workout this week!  

Where is your favorite place to visit?  

Any big runs or races planned for this weekend?  



  1. Hope you're having a great trip, never been to Chicago! I've not really traveled much so I dont have a favorite place though I would LOVE to visit somewhere warm right now (crazy cold and yucky in Nebraska right now)
    Ran 13.1 miles with hubby this morning!

    1. Nice run! I don't think I could ever get Jess out for 13.1 miles. Michigan won't give in to the face its now Spring...we head home next Friday hoping Oregon got the memo!


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