Thursday, March 21, 2013

Keeping Track of my Book Lists


I wish I had a workout to share with you this morning but I let excuses take over my brain this morning.  Not proud of it but feel I should keep it honest.  As much as I hate hearing excuses I hate letting myself give into excuses even more.  We are 2 weeks away from heading home and I am falling into a bit of a funk. I chose my mood so I am working on getting into a better one before the day is over! 

I consider myself self motivated but sometimes I need a good pick me up and love to look for a new book to get me there.  I need/want to be reading more and there are so many good books out there that I want to get into.  I am currently reading 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam.  

So far I love it, I love a book that spells it out for you and this book does just that.  I haven't finished it quite yet but when I do I plan on doing a review.  I try to just read one book at a time otherwise I'll never finish them.  I am always getting book ideas and reading different reviews on books and finally found a good way to keep track of my reading wish list.  I bought a Kindle a few years ago and have been smitten ever since.  I also have the Kindle App on my phone so I always have all of my books within reach.  I like to download the sample version of a book before I'll order the full version to be sure it actually is something I'll be interested in.  When I come across a book that I think is something I'll want to read I download the sample.  This works out really well because I am constantly adding to my want to read book list but I don't have to try and keep track of little notes.  Since it is already in my Kindle library it is easy to find and I can read the sample before I make the purchase.  

I don't know about you but I have a hard time remembering things and if I don't keep a record somewhere its *poof* gone.  I really like having a running list of books I want to read and I like that with my Kindle they are usually a little bit cheaper.  You can also borrow Kindle books from your local library, which is a double score!  There are some books that I would like to have the real edition, but most of the time the Kindle edition is just fine.  OK I should get off of here and hit the books!  Ya right, who I am kidding.  I have to get ready to pack for our trip to Chicago this weekend!  Heading out tomorrow afternoon, we are super excited around here!  

If you run on a treadmill are you able to do any reading? 
- I cannot run and read, I would fly off the treadmill  

Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?  

Have you ever been to Chicago?  Any must see/do's? 


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