Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nature Made Probiotic


This morning's workout was 4 miles on the treadmill, last mile as strides.  I took Monday and Tuesday off of running to give my body a chance to recover.  I know a 10k isn't that intense but I did push myself and I would rather error on the side of caution.  Last night I did Chalean's Intervals and this morning after my run  I started the 2nd phase of Chalean.  I like the Push Phase because it is all about less reps and heavier weights.  I actually really like to cross train but just like anything there are times I lack the motivation to get it done.  Plus I am pretty proud of myself for taking the time to warm up, cool down, stretch and FOAM ROLL!  BOOM!  I know, who am I?!  I realized I've been playing Russian roulette lately and need to make sure I am taking the time to take care of my body.  Being sidelined by an injury would be so discouraging so I am working on taking care of my body in addition to pushing it harder.  

Another way I am working on taking care of myself is I have started taking a probiotic.  

After I came down with the plague a few weeks ago my stomach just felt off.  Since I started taking a probiotic for the last 8 days I feel worlds better.  I don't take a lot of vitamins, mainly because I always forget to take them, but I have been good about remembering this one.  Plus I trust Nature Made products and have taken their other vitamins.  They recently came out with vitamins that melt in your mouth...I am not too sure about this idea but they might be worth trying.  If Skinny Runner says they are good then I must follow along right?  She's hasn't steered me wrong yet!  Check out this post she just did, it has a lot of information on the new vitamelts.  

I also finally got the new Women's Running magazine the other day!  

They take forever to get to me right now because of my mail being forwarded.  I've been itching for it to arrive in my mailbox and it finally did.  Want to know something even better?  I got 2!  I think I mistakenly signed up for 2 subscriptions so I'll need to fix that, but in the mean time I might as well share.  If you would like it just let me know in the comments.  First come first serve, you can email me your address and I'll put it in the mail tomorrow.  Sharing is caring.  

What vitamins do you take regularly?  
- Before leaving home I was taking a joint health supplement and vitamin D.  Now I am just taking the probiotic and my stomach feels better than it has in months.  

What is your favorite magazine?

Tell me about yourself!  Are you a runner, cyclists, triathlete, mom, dad, friend of a runner?!  Would love to get to know some of my friends who drop by here everyday!  



  1. I'd love the magazine! What's your email address?
    I take a multivitamin, a multimineral, a phytonutrient, a B complex and an iron supplement as well as a probiotic powder. All Nutrilite brand- certified organic and actually make me FEEL different! I love them!
    I have no clue what my favorite magazine is. I used to love Runner's World, but I've grown a little tired of it. I'm excited to try Women's Running though!
    And I'm a mom and a runner! I have a 15 week old son and I am currently working on getting my groove back with running. I missed it and I am so glad to have it back in my life!

    1. Perfect! My email is, shoot me your home address and I'll get the magazine in the mail tomorrow! It is my favorite magazine, very inspiring. Glad your back to running!


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