Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Didn't Spring Forward, I Feel Like I Was Pushed


I hope you are adjusting to the time change better than me and my mood have this time.  I really like springing forward, but the first few days always take some getting use to for me.  Add in gross virus that will not leave me alone and I am on day 7 of no running and feeling bleh.  The best way to describe it is feeling extremely fatigued all of the time, hungry and repulsed by food at the same time and basically irritated.  It has been really fun for all of those poor souls who live with me, luckily Sandy was able to escape yesterday.  Yes the MIL went home and it is depressing and lonely in Michigan once again.  I didn't want to just sit around all day so the girls and I headed out for some retail therapy.  

I've been wanting a longer pair of running capris for some time and can never find them.  I am sure it has something to do with the fact I am cheap.  We went to Target and bought the usual suspects, laundry soap, TP, etc.  I thought about getting another scarf for spring but nothing jumped out at me.  They had some longer capris in their workout section but they seemed a little expensive for Target, like $36.  I'll just buy a pair of 26.2 running capris if I am going to spend that much!  I love running clothes but I really try to not break the bank with every purchase.  So we left with one bag and some little goodies I've had my eye on for a while.  

1. I had a coupon for Essie nail polish and have wanted to see what all the hype was about so I picked up something springy.  
2. Apparently Pantene has come out with a "miracle" repair serum for our hair, it was under $6 and my hair is in bad shape, as long as it doesn't cause more damage I have nothing to lose.  
3. Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Corrector will hopefully do exactly what it says it does, diminish my dark spots because I am ready to break up with them for good.  
4. Apparently this lip gloss lasts 8 hours, ha I laugh!  I will let you know how many minutes it actually lasts. 

Since Target was lacking in their capri selection we headed next door to JCPenny's to see if they had anything worth checking out.  I know they are working on an entire overhaul of their business and I have to say it was very neat and tidy inside.  I had to guess where their workout stuff would be but luckily took a lucky turn and came right to it.  I found some cute stuff and was really impressed with their prices. They hardly had any mediums in stock which was a bummer or maybe a blessing since I couldn't buy everything I would have!  

I tried on two different pairs of capris thinking a gray pair would be fun.  
But no they weren't and they bunched up funny around my knee, oh well!  

I ended up buying this black pair and the shirt for $26!  

Since I've started to run and cross train more than I ever did in the past I've actually started to need more bottoms.  Plus I can't pass up a cute running tank for $6, I mean c'mon.  

Do you see the girls in the background making faces at each other?  Ya, it is super fun trying anything on with these two giving a running commentary to anyone in ear shot:  
"Mama, why are you taking off your pants?" 
"Mama, why are you moving your underwear around?"
"Mom, I can see your tummy!" 
"Mama, why do you keep changing shirts?" 
"Mama! Why are you taking a picture of yourself?!" 

I am heading to the gym in about an hour to get my run in and also do some cross training.  Excited to break in my new outfit!  This is my first time trying out JCPenny's workout line so I will let you know if it seems legit.  

*Not compensated, not even asked to shop in their store, just sharing!*  

Have you worn any of JCPenny's Xersion line before?  

What is your favorite piece of workout gear you own?  

Are you a brand lover or do you go with what works and is affordable?

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