Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

Good morning!  

We are in the final weeks of our time here in Michigan and it is going to fly by, it is already Thursday?!  I had to recheck my calendar twice today to confirm this news.  Plus it isn't just a regular Thursday, oh no, today is Pi day, 3.14!  The only reason I know this is because I married Jess and he is all things nerd.  

Case Closed

A friend posted this on FB, couldn't resist! 

My runs lately have been pretty basic, I ran 6 miles Tuesday night and 6.5 last night.  I haven't done any speed work this week because I am trying to just feel better all around.

I thought it would be cool to run 3 different time yesterday!  Kidding, my iPod was being really weird and kept stopping my run.  As you can see I had to restart it 3 times...I love my iPod but it needs to cooperate with me better if it wants to stick around.  

It has been over a week since I got that nasty virus and it just seems to be hanging around.  My stomach is still really sensitive and never really settles down.  I was thinking before I got sick that I might have an allergy to dairy and I am starting to see a correlation.  So starting today I am going to be cutting back on my dairy, luckily I switched to So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer a while ago.

Old pic, not actually home, I miss you home!

I can't have my coffee without cream, it just isn't right.  I usually drink my coffee before I eat anything and lately that has been really upsetting too, so now I'll try eating BEFORE my beloved coffee.  I don't like change especially when it relates to my food, hopefully we'll all make it through this challenging time.

I am prepping myself to run 13 miles on the treadmill tonight.  It'll be another milestone on the treadmill for me and I am excited to conquer it.  I am suppose to run it Friday or Saturday but with my race on Sunday I want to give my legs a couple days to rest up.  I missed my long run last week and I don't feel comfortable totally skipping another one.  I need to make sure I start up with my cross training again next week, no excuses!  I know for certain that doing those exercises 3-4 times a week will keep me from injury and only improve my running, why wouldn't I do it?!  Looking forward to taking Barre or TRX again!  Now I am rambling, but one more thing before I go!

Remember when I use to talk about Project Life and getting caught up and blah blah blah.  I haven't done anything but open up the picture folder on my computer, get overwhelmed and walk away.  Becky Higginsadvice is that you should just start at the present and when you have a free minute work on the stuff you have missed.  So that is what I am going to do, I am going to start with March 2013 and I'll work back whenever I have a little time.  My albums mean a lot to me and I get a lot of joy out of working in them and staying caught up.  I love having these memories to look back on of our day to day life and I don't want to much of it to get away from me.  My goal is to start in the present with my Project Life album and share it with you once a month.  Accountability is key to everything in my life.

Do you do any journaling or scrapbooking?

Any fellow peeps with food allergies out there?!  

Are you racing this weekend?  

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