Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekly Set Up

Good morning!  

It was an early one for me I was up by 5 and in the gym by 5:30, I never thought those word would come out of my mouth.  I always figured 5:30 would be the earliest I could ever get up.  I did 3 miles and Burn 2 and I can really tell how much I need my strength training.  I like to think to myself I don't need it and I can just run and be fine, but logically I know how important it really is.  Now if I can just get mind around the fact I need to foam roll.  

Saturday I went into the gym to get in some miles and do my Chalean.  It was really cold in there and I thought about just wearing my Uggs to work out. 

I decided to go with my Mizunos instead, better foot support.  

Helloooo Thighs! 

I finally got a chance to sit and read through my Runners World magazine and was so excited to find this little piece of information.  

I have always wondered how Miles Per Hour and Miles Per Minute calculated on the treadmill.  I have been running 5.0-5.5 most mornings so that explains my continual ride in 12 minute pace land.  I am ready to work into the 6.0 territory, we'll see if I can get there or not.  I've been doing my last half mile or so at a 6.0 so that is a start.  I had originally thought I would work towards getting fast in 2013 but life happened so while I still want to work on my pacing I am focusing mainly on maintaining a good level of overall fitness.

That is where my personal trainer Chalean comes into play!  I felt I had some of my best runs and was in my best physical shape while I was doing Chalean.  For me it was a good investment because I know I will continue to come back to it for my base strength training for a long time.  At home I have a set of weights that work great and I am grateful I can bring my laptop to the gym here and use their weights.  I would recommend to any fellow travelers to bring a set (or even just 1) of resistance bands.  Those bands create a lot of resistance and you can get a great workout with those suckers.  There are a lot of excuses for why you can't workout and get healthy, but its up to you to rise above them and work towards your goals.  

Remember 23 years ago when I would share my weekly set up with all of you?  I decided it was time to get back to that because having a schedule for anything in life is key to creating success.  I am all about getting the most out of my days and I always jot down my week either Sunday night or Monday morning.  For me personally it is a great way to keep your life organized and make long term goals attainable.

This Week's Set Up 
Monday - Run 3 Miles, CLX Burn 2 - DONE 
Tuesday - Run, Goal is working up to 5 mi on the mill' *Barre* 
Wednesday - Run, Burn 3   
Thursday - Run, CLX Abs *Barre*
Friday - Run, Burn 1 (Week 2) 
Saturday/Sunday right now are up in the air.  With Jesse's current job situation I have to be flexible because he is my only childcare.  If I don't get into the gym it'll be CLX Burn it Off and/or Recharge.  The same goes with when I can get to my Barre class, my plan is do Barre at least once a week but it will depend on Jesse's situation at work that decides which night I go.  Be flexible, seriously, being flexible is key to keeping sane.  For myself with small children and a husband whose job is very important to him and our livelihood I try to be as flexible as I can be.  I didn't always use to be this way, I can tell you it didn't make me a very happy person.  I always write everything in my planner in pencil because I know how easily life changes and I need to be able to erase and readjust for our current situation   

I hope you all have a really great week, it is up to you how much or how you little you do this week.   How do you want to feel come Friday?

- Do you keep an old school pen and paper planner like me or are you much more tech savvy?

- What is your goal this week?  
Mine is getting to 5 miles on the treadmill 

- Do you consider yourself flexible?  
I am constantly working on it, its not fun for me to be a control freak   


  1. I see that you included barre exercise in your workout plan. =) My wife just started with this new exercise craze too. It works well for her, seeing how it benefited her balance. I, on the other hand, am focusing on my running. By the way, don't forget to warm up and cool down when going on the treadmill. Also, if you are to use an incline, slightly increase it from 1 to 2%, and not go beyond 7%. Otherwise, that would be too steep and can cause injury on your feet.

    Nicolas Ervin

    1. I haven't taken a Barre class in a long time and I miss it! I recently found a studio that might actually work with my schedule so hoping to be able to start taking a class again soon.


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