Friday, February 1, 2013

Monthly Wrap-Up

Good morning!  

Its Friday and its the 1st day of a new month!  I was pretty confused as to why my alarm was going off this morning until I realized, oh ya I run time to get to it.  I did 4 miles this morning and they flew by, my goal for next week is to hit 5 miles on the 'mill. 

Don't get whip lash by amazingly fast pace...speed work in my future?  Perhaps.  

I thought I would get back into some of my old favorites and start the month off with a wrap up of January.  

January wasn't my best month for running or anything fitness related, we spent the first few weeks of it traveling and spending time in Montana.  I tried to run at the local gym a couple times but all in all I only ran a total of 7 times totaling 19 miles, man that is sad.  Also that isn't going to get me anywhere near my 1000 mile goal for the year, time to get to it!  February is going to be a much better month, we have a great routine here and I have few excuses to not to get the gym in the morning.  I am excited to work my way up to 10 miles on the treadmill and will be more than ready for my half marathon of the year in May.  I am going to shoot for some outside miles at some point but its been cold and I have been a wimp.  They'll be on the weekend so I can run in the daylight and warmest time of they day, give me the rain any day, this cold is another story.      

My Montana 'mill, this sucker kept shocking the hell out of me! 

Cross Training: 
January doesn't even register for cross training.  Besides the two Barre classes I took earlier this week and shoveling snow there has been zero cross training.  February will be much better, I am going to keep going to Barre at least once a week and also start Chalean fresh from the start.  I am going to substitute the Chalean Intervals for my Barre class because while I am motivated there are only so many hours in a day.  My plan is to bring my laptop and DVD with me to the gym so I can use their weights.  If I time it right I'll be in the final phase of Chalean as we are getting home which will probably mean it'll take me longer than the 90 days.  

I was nervous about coming to Michigan and wasn't sure what to expect.  I tried to come into it with a positive attitude and I think that has been key.  I've always moved as a kid (a lot) and being the new girl is something that I've grown accustomed to, I find that I actually enjoy it.  While I hope for my girls to grow up in one spot and have a pretty boring childhood in that department I am proud that I can live anywhere. I've learned that I really do love my house but what I love about it is the people in it and all of those people are here.  Honestly I miss my bed our bed here leaves a lot to be desired but other than that this is our home right now.  Right now is a time that I am learning to live in and I love it.  I love being present in the moment and enjoying the day I am in.  Going home eventually will be great and I am so looking forward to a cold beer after a long run this summer in my backyard, but right now I am here.  I am present and I am happy.  This goes for running too, while I had BIG goals for 2013 a lot of those are going to change, I may only run one marathon this year or I might get lucky and squeak in two.  I'll just have to see where this year takes our family but family is first, running is second.  I sometimes forget that as I am reading other blogs and all of their races and accomplishments, I think why am I not doing all of that?!  The reason is because I am a mom first and runner second and both of those titles give me a lot to be proud of.  

I like both of these quotes in terms of "comparing", basically you just shouldn't do it.  Comparison is the thief of joy, how can you love what you are doing if you feel you aren't measuring up to another's person life?  Love what YOU are doing.  

don´t compare                  “Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Theodore Roosevelt..... and Tootsie, paraphrased.... " Don't compare yourself to others..... it will forever be unfair..... sometimes to you, sometimes to them,.... and it's always destructive."

OK guys and gals, get out there and make your day your own.  

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