Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tall Drink of Water

Happy Sunday to you!  

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend, we got dumped on with snow Friday morning and have stayed cleared through the weekend.  Looks like most of the East Coast caught the storm, I was even able to run outside yesterday!  It felt so good to get out in the fresh air, I didn't worry about pace and just ran what felt comfortable.  This morning I went to Barre Boot Camp, which by the way all feel like boot camp to there really a difference?  Is there an "easier" class I keep missing because that sucker is no joke.      

Yesterday was also the Virtual Run for Sherry and I thought about her most of my run.  It is so important in your life to be grateful because the more blessings you count the harder it is to give much attention to negativity.  I ran by myself but I felt connected to the community of runners out there all supporting Sherry.  It will stay in my memory as a favorite run for sure!

After my run and the marathon of getting 3 women ready to go out in the world I was ready for a drink!

Of water.  We went to the Box Bar in Old Town Plymouth and they brought everyone's drinks out in these pitchers.  At first when I sat down I thought the lady in the booth next to our was just really thirsty and a regular...nope.  Although I am not complaining because its nice to not have to have your water cup refilled 4 times, saves everyone a little embarrassment.  What?  I get thirsty.  Speaking of being thirsty, tomorrow I start "officially" training for a PR in the RnR Half.  That transition was suppose to be funny, like I am so thirsty to PR!  OK I'll drop it.  

This Week's Set Up 
Monday - Run easy 3, CLX Burn 1 
Tuesday - Tempo Run 
Wednesday - Burn 2 
Thursday - 5 mile Ladder Run (sounds scary!)
Friday - Run 3, Burn 3 
Saturday - Long Run
Sunday - Barre Bootcamp  

This first week isn't so bad, actually I don't think any of it will be terrible.  I am looking forward to having an actual plan with my running.  I am usually much more of a free spirit but that won't get me to a PR and I would be so happy with a PR at this half.  

I should probably do Jess a favor and get out of my workout clothes from this morning, but before I bid you farewell one more thing!  Tonight was our Sunday family movie night so I have to leave you with a dose of cuteness.  

Sleeping kids are so sweet.  Even though this short little 20 minute nap during the movie is going to keep her up till 10 I am sure of it :) 

Do you have any races on the calendar?  Race season is gearing up!  

Do you set up a workout schedule for the upcoming week?

Do you order soda when you go to a restaurant?  
Sometimes I'll get a diet, but paying almost $3 for a fountain drink is tough to swallow! 

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