Thursday, February 7, 2013

Half Marathon Training

Good morning! 

Woke up a little late this morning, didn't get to the gym till 6 and ran an easy 3 miles.  I had every intention of running longer till an amazing idea flew into my brain.  I could keep running like a good runner or I could cut off early and grab breakfast at Starbucks before heading home.  


Bad runner, bad bad runner!
Their spinach feta wraps are so good, I need to recreate them, it just sounded better than my protein shake at home. 

I bought this tank at a store called Meijer, anyone ever heard of it?  My description would be a step above Wal-Mart (anything is really) and a step below Target.  I bought it way to small to start with so I had to exchange them yesterday, still a little tight for me but I am not going back.  

I saved you a face shot., Lucy is doing her morning downward dog yoga pose.  

So I am about 15 weeks out from the Portland RNR Half in May and I decided to follow Another Mother Runner's Training Plan for this half.  I would really like to improve my time from last year's half marathon which was 2:29:49.  I don't know what the goal time will be but somewhere in the 2:10's would be an improvement!  The AMR Half Marathon plan is 13 weeks and calls for 4-5 days of running per week.  I am going to follow the plan as closely as possible but because of my schedule and history I'll probably be closer to 4 days a week of running.  You never know though, I may surprise myself and you and bust out 5 days a week.  I realize I am 15 weeks out and the plan calls for 13 weeks of training but I am going to start early and start the plan on Monday.  With traveling right in the middle of my training I am going to give myself a few weeks of wiggle room so I am not stressing about getting behind during our transition back home.  

Somehow its Thursday, it seemed like this week was dragging until Thursday just smacked me in the face.  We are making our Valentines today, so excited to see how they turn out.  I think the girls are excited to get to open the bag of suckers because I might be nice and let them have one...we'll see, kind of grumpy this morning.  Maybe I should have one, might sweeten me up a little bit. 

Don't forget about Sherry's run this Saturday!  Check it out here if you need more info! 

Anyone else in Portland doing the Rock and Roll Half in May? 

Have you followed a training plan before?  
-Besides making sure I get in the necessary long runs for the marathon last year I didn't really follow anything specific.  

Do you get an obscene amount of junk mail in your email?  
-I have like 12,500 messages and I swear to you at least 95% of them are junk...its obnoxious 


  1. Cute shirt! I haven't been to Meijer but I've heard of it. I was just reading recently that it was the first superstore.

    I started unsubscribing to junk mail and that has helped a LOT. Of course with those weird overseas requests for money ones it doesn't, but things like store ads, etc. it really does stop them!

    As for the training plan, I did follow one for a couple of months before doing a half marathon, but now I'm just running whenever, wherever, just because.

    1. I love being a free spirit when I run too! It is nice to just head out and run with no particular plan, it is what running is all about :)

  2. Love your blog! And those wraps really are good:)

    1. Those wraps are insane and thank you!


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