Friday, February 15, 2013

Running Watches


I went to Wednesday night with everything laid out for my morning run...and I guess never set my alarm, fail!  So my Valentines gift to myself was a run rest day which will just had me in better shape for today's early wake up call.  I was at the gym by 5:45 , no excuses right?!  It needed to get done to stay on track for my training and also my sanity.  I was a little apprehensive that I wouldn't be able to commit and wouldn't get the 5 miles that was required but I did it!  It was the furthest I've ran on a treadmill and I really enjoyed the ladder speed work.  I ran out of time to get my cross training done so I am going to do CLX Intervals after the girls have breakfast.  I spared you a face shot, not much sleep add in bad lighting and sweaty red face, I mean really, who needs to see that?

We had lunch with Daddy yesterday and we both have decided to stick with places we know.  We aren't picky but if we are going to spend money to eat out we want it to be good, simple.  Can you tell by the look on their faces how much they love the food?  

Probably stick with ice cream, you really can't go wrong!

Actually that is a lie...Sonic has awful ice cream.  Sorry Sonic lovers, their other food is good!
I really tried to think of something delicious and special for dinner last night but after circling the store 3 times all I could come up with was dessert.  Chocolate fondue sounded amazing and thanks to the modern age I was able to look up an easy recipe and be on our way.  

So I feel sort of like a tool and not a very useful tool.  Jess is so sweet and bought me the Garmin 610 from Costco for Valentines Day, I know right?!  I returned it before lunch yesterday morning, boo.  I was so excited when I opened it yesterday morning, he knows I have been thinking about watches and saw the 610 at Costco.  Honestly it is just way to much watch for this 11 min average girl right now.  Unless the watch can chisel my abs while I sleep I can't justify the $400 price tag, ouch!  But now it has me thinking about watches again and what I want/need in a watch and what am I willing to spend.  If you are looking into running/biking/swimming gear of any sort I highly recommend this guy's blog, he has SO MUCH information.  It helped me come to the conclusion that I don't need the 610 and also that I may be ready to upgrade from the Nike+ app. I love the Nike+ app and the website where I can keep track of my runs and see where I am at in relation to my friends.  I know that Nike has some watches they've come out with recently that I am going to research along with the Garmin Forerunner 10.  

Some of the features I would like in a watch if I do decide to buy one are: 

- Ability to be used indoors and outdoors.  I like to do my speed work on the treadmill since I am still learning how to keep a steady pace.  I know some of the Garmin's are solely GPS and won't work inside on a treadmill.

- It shouldn't matter but I want it to be cute.  If I am going to spend money on something I want to LOVE it and in order for me to love it I want it to be a color that I love.  Yes sometimes I buy shoes based on their color, probably why I love Mizuno.  

- I need it to help keep me on pace during a race.  This is the problem I run into with my Nike+ app on my iPod, I will check my pace during a run and its rarely accurate.  This didn't bother me when I first started running because I used it mainly to track my mileage.  Now that I am moving into a new stage of running my pacing is becoming important to me.     

Luckily these are all first world problems :)  I will share any information I find on the different options out there.  For now my iPod will work just fine and I'll just keep re-calibrating the darn thing every other run.  

What do you use to keep track of your runs?

Do you have a long run planned for this weekend? 
- I don't have a very long run but I am working on mapping out my 8 miles for tomorrow morning.  I don't want to do it on the treadmill so I am going to bundle up and just head out when the sun comes up. 

If you have any opinions you want to share on running watches don't be shy!  


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