Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Endorphins Make You Happy


I am in the 2nd week of my 2nd time around of Chalean and today I did Burn 2 and Ab Burner for good measure.  I didn't make it the gym this morning, felt like a total fail but I wasn't going to bail on the workout.  Today was a run rest day so I let myself sleep pass 6 which  meant my workout didn't help till this afternoon.  I figured why bother changing out of this beauty, just add my trusty Uggs and call it a day. 

Yes Lucy finds her way into every self portrait and yes that mirror needs a serious date with some windex.  

I always wake up in a bum mood when I don't wake up to run but doing my Chalean this afternoon helped perk me up!  This didn't hurt either, it has almonds so it is healthy.  That wasn't a question but a statement.  

These also were delivered today 

How sweet are those roses?!  They were delivered today in a box, I've never gotten flowers in a box before!     The girls were so excited and I am getting a good upper body workout since they want to smell them every time they walk by.  Valentines has become pretty special to Jess and I since it was the day we got the keys to our house 7 years ago and he proposed a year later.  I love my flowers and they are pink which is my favorite color ever. ever ever.  

This post took me all day to write and it is already bedtime for me, goodnight!

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?  
-I love it, any day where I can express how much I love my husband, my kids and my friends is a good day

How many days a week you normally run?

Does getting your workout down in the morning put you in a better mood for the rest of the day?
-100% yes for me 

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