Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Bunch Of Excuses

Hi, Happy Weekend!  

I went to bed last night with every intention of waking up at 7 and hitting the pavement at 8 with a simple and easy 8 miles to conquer.  I laid out the route last night on Map My Run and made sure my wool socks were clean.  My alarm went off this morning, check, go to turn it off and I can already tell we have a problem.  My neck is stiff, like I slept weird and now I can't move my head, awesome.  OK so I lay there try to get comfortable and slowly get my head to be able to move a bit, check.  It is already almost 8 at this point so my run will be later than planned, no big deal.  I wrestle with all of the necessary gear needed for a 20 degree run and feel like I have already put in a sweat session.  At this point it is after 10 but I am making this run happen, hugs kisses and out the door I go.  

Taken right before I headed out for my run

It is snowing and it is cold but I can tell my body will warm up and I will be just fine through this run, BAM!  Half a mile into it I fall so hard on my butt people are actually pulling over to the side of the road to help me.  Not awkward or embarrassing AT ALL.  Luckily the only thing injured is my pride, I thank everyone, turn around and head home.  I can take a hint from the universe, go home and quit trying to run outside in Michigan in February it is NOT going to happen.  I walk back in the door and try to figure out how I am going to make this run happen.  I am thinking to myself  can I run 8 miles on the treadmill, well of course I can but do I want to?  It came down to either you do the run or you bag it and I wasn't going to bag it.  

I changed into much cooler clothes, headed to the gym and busted out my 8 miles while watching One For The Money.  This is a good look right?  Probably didn't need my compression sleeves but just kept them on from my previous running outfit.  I am so glad that I sucked it up and got it done, while it wasn't what I had envisioned for my 8 miles today it was a strong 8 miles and I am so happy I got it done.  

I had planned on doing my Barre class tomorrow morning but we are heading to the Ford Museum in Dearborn.  Plus my hamstrings are insanely tight and I am going to give them a rest.  Sarah and I must have worked pretty hard yesterday doing CLX Intervals together yesterday.  

She did almost the entire video with me yesterday (45 minutes) and kept asking me, is this how you do it Mama?  Those little weights are 1 pound each and perfect for her little arms.  I try to do most of cross training and runs in the morning before the girls are up but sometimes we have a little group session.  Chalean is always talking about setting the example for your family and friends and I enjoy having my little workout buddies from time to time.  Usually its just Lucy sleeping under the table and snoring while I do my cross training.  I hope your long run went much better than mine started out, remember no excuses!  

What is/was your workout this weekend?

Do you have a lot of snow where you live?  What do you do during the winter months?  




  1. Which app do you use to track your mileage? I like the way it shows your data.

    I'm from the midwest so those pictures look all too familiar!

    1. I use the Nike+ app on my iPod, I love the way it displays my stats. You can download it to your smart phone too. We got dumped on last night, it was fun to shovel this morning! Cross training right?!


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