Monday, February 18, 2013

Coast to Coast Million Dollar Marathon

Good morning!  

Ran a pretty lame 3 miles on the treadmill this morning, just wasn't into it.  The last mile I decided to act like I was trying so I put the incline to 1% and turned it all the way up to 5.5, slow down girl.  Not every run is going to be awesome, but it is the janky runs you push through so your good runs are that much sweeter.  

I received an email last week from Meredith who is participating in the Coast to Coast Million Dollar Marathon.  Meredith told me "Basically a team of 160 runners will run one marathon each, one right after the other, non-stop from the west coast to the east coast to raise funds and awareness for cancer research and support.  Each team member commits to raising at least $7500, with the team goal being to raise $1 million."  I thought this sounded like such a neat idea!  You can learn more about this event by clicking the link above or going to Meredith's Team Page where you can read her personal story.  The event starts June 21st on Mount Rainier in Washington and will cover 4000 miles by the time it finishes.  Take some time to check it out!  So many of us have been affected by cancer, it is a terrible disease and the more I learn about some of it causes the angrier I get.  So many of our illnesses can be traced to our food, we need to take a stand against what the food industry is selling us.  Please do me a favor and just check it out and pass it on to anyone who could be interested.  

Also if you are looking for a new running blog to read that is local to Portland you should check out my friend Patty's new blog, Running in Muck.  Patty is funny and has a great writing style.  I met Patty through a running group I run with most Saturday mornings.  She ran two marathons in two weeks last year!  Yep, she is officially a maniac.  Check her out!  

This Week's Set Up
Monday - 3 Miles, Burn 1 
Tuesday - CLX Burn It Off & Abs 
Wednesday - CLX Burn 2 
Thursday - CLX Burn 3 
Friday - 5 Mile Negative Split Run 
Saturday - LR 10 
Sunday - Barre  
*My running schedule is weird this week because of some scheduling conflicts and I'll probably only get in 3 run days so that is why I am making up for it with so much cross training*

Finally I leave you with this

See that scar above her right eye, she got it in a fight with a pit bull over a ball, she is tougher than she looks.

What is your favorite type of dog?  
- I love Pugs (obvi), Chocolate Labs and one yellow lab in particular, Heelers,etc, ya I love dogs.     

Do you write a blog?  If so share it with me!  I am always on the lookout for new blogs to read!

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