Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's Trending, Blue Carpet


This morning I finally found my way into the gym and ran about 3 miles.  I have to say I am pretty impressed with the gym at Jesse's office, its really clean and has a lot of equipment.  

It only takes about 5 minutes to get to his office which is a huge change from his usual 45-60 minute commute back in Oregon.  There was one other person using a stationary bike and I had my pick of treadmills.  I tried two different mills' because one was closer to the TV and I thought I would be able to see it better.  I decided that just wasn't working out because it wasn't close enough to the fan and I was dying from heat.  I ended up closer to the fan and just used Netflix on my phone which passed the time a lot easier than craning my neck to watch the TV.  Seriously my problems...1st world much?!

  They have a full weight rack and some private rooms where I can do my Chalean which is exciting!  A friend of mine suggested I just bring my laptop with me to do Chalean, which was genius.  Luckily there is a private space to do it otherwise I might not be to keen on the idea.  I did my workout yesterday morning in the living room and it worked just fine, plenty of room.  I only have a set of 5 lb weights here which will be fine for the days where I just didn't make it to the gym.  

Can you spot the pug?  Or are you just in to much awe over the blue carpet?  

  So I have found my motivation to get back to my running and cross training...now if I can find my motivation to cut the sugar.  Perhaps the newly found adult acne can push me in the right direction!  I kid you not I have a new zit on almost a daily basis, just as one clears up another pops up somewhere else.  I know its because of my poor food choices of late so I just need to cut back on all of the treats.  I've been giving myself a lot of wiggle room lately because of the relocation and the holidays, but seriously enough is enough!  

Do you notice your hair and skin are affected by what you are eating?  
-Since I cut out sugar most of last year and recently started to introduce it again it hasn't been pretty.  Literally, adult acne is not pretty. 

Are you embarrassed to do strength work in front of people? 

Anyone else craving some sun this winter?!  I would love a getaway to somewhere sunny right about now! 

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